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    i’ve got my first fill on Thursday so a bit worried but also looking forward to some restriction hopefully as I am feeling too normal at the moment and it wouldn’t be hard to slip into bad eating habits. Mine is on my left side near my ribs (not that I can feel them yet!)


    Yep mine is about an inch below my bra on my left bust, Its absolutely fine today, I only managed 2/3rds of a weetabix this morning and had just under a mug of soup for lunch, going to have some stew for dinner!! x


    I am at 4 weeks post op now and still have another 2 weeks to my fill.
    From what I understod about the last two weeks before your fill when your stomach is no longer ‘swollen’ you will need to excercise self control not to eat too much,before you haver the help of the band fill and then restriction.

    With myself I had restriction for 5 days after the op and the rest of the 3.5 weeks have been struggling not to eat too much food! It is so strange as I’ve had a life changing op and I feel it’s a huge anti climax as for 6 weeks things are exactly as they were before the op. If I didn’t have the scars on my stomach I’d think I imagined having a band fitted!

    It was emphaised strongly to me by the dietician I must eat tiny portions otherwise I can stretch my stomach and then no matter how full your band is it won’t be effective. While I’ve had no portion restriction with the help of the band yet I’m scared I’ve already stretched my stomach as although I have halved my portions through ‘dieting’ it’s way more than 3 tablespoons.

    I’ve lost 8lbs in the 4 weeks since the op by ‘dieting’ I just hope when I have a fill in two weeks it will help me or I may as well as saved thouasnads of pounds and dieted.

    Sorry for offloading my negativity and frustration


    Your not alone Kazzie.

    I had my band done on 16th of feb at The Clem and im really struggling not to eat too much although i think i already have! I wish my dietitian told me the same thing as you because i would have been a bit more careful. Now i am scared i may have stretched my stomach and the band fills wont work. I phoned Elaine and she advised that i do the milk diet 2 or 3 times a week so i dont gain weight but the thought of having to do the milk diet again fills me with dread! My first band fill is on the 26th March and i hope to God everything is fine with my band and i get a bit of restriction. Good Luck with your 1st fill!

    feltig xx


    so sorry this is sso frustrating for you both
    I NEVER got restriction and had my band removed after 3 years of this hell
    but i DO wish you luck and hope you find restiction soon
    but dont put all your hopes on finding it on your very first fill
    ps it has to be 6 weeks for your internal swelling to go down post op
    good luck


    Thanks for your replies.
    Feltig,my band was done at the Clem on Feb 16th and my first fill is on March 26th!! Will you message me so I can let you know what time my flll is and find out yours!


    I had my first fill yesterday which was exactly 4 weeks post op and boy was I ready as I was starting to slip into bad habits. I have lost 8lb post op so can’t have been behaving too badly I suppose. I’m on sloppy today so not sure if the band fill is working yet but will keep you informed. My friend summed me – she called me the impatient patient!


    Hi vickihayling,
    I too am an impatient patient! But wow to lose 8lbs is great, I have only lost 5lb but its weight I would have struggled to lose before so I shouln’t moan! Was your 1st band fill at all painful or uncomfortable so I know what to expect.


    Yes to be honest it bloody hurt but the surgeon struggled to find my port because of scar tissue which he says will settle down by the next one and it did only take about 2 minutes. It felt a bit like he was digging around inside me – I would say it was similar to having a filling at the dentist though – certainly bearable but uncomfortable. But i’m hoping this was a one off and the next one will be easier.

    On a positive note – quite a few people have noticed the weight loss this week so that gave me a boost.


    I used to find the local was the worst part but after having 5 stabs of it in my foot yesterday, having a fill for me was a breeze in comparrison. My advise, never have a verruca cut out – the pain of the local is unbelievable! lol


    Hi stilltryingsohard,
    Hope you dont mind me asking which surgeon did you band op 3 years ago?


    I had my first band fill on monday but havent felt a great restriction yet, but am told it can take a couple to get it right, keep your spirits up guys, we can do this together, sending you all big hugs xxxxxx


    Good to read more replies.
    I know the first fill won’t give ‘optimal’ restriction, I just wonder how long that will take!:dizzy: As long as I get a pretty good restriction with the first fill I’ll be OK with that at first. I’m alreday worried that it won’t work for me and I’ll still have no restriction! OK I musn’t worry about what hasn’t happened yet:whistle:

    Interesting to hear vickihayling that your fill was done at 4 weeks,I did ask if mine could be when I had my op but it wasn’t possible.


    I don’t know why it was 4 weeks – but that is what Spire Portsmouth always do and my next one is exactly 4 weeks after that. Can’t say that my restriction feels any different than pre-fill which is a little disappointing but I am eating much less anyway so I’ll have to see what the next fill does.


    Hang in there all you baby bandsters – it can be really frustrating for the first few months or so whilst you are waiting for restriction. You need to remember that everyone is different and that one of you may get restriction from your first fill, the next person on their 3rd… When you are on a forum when the majority of other members are bypassers, it can be pretty demoralising seeing them all start to shed the weight from the get-go, but you need to remember that they have a much smaller window of opportunity to lose the weight.

    There are always lots of failed bandsters to be found because most of the successful bandsters are too busy enjoying their new life! I am 16 months post op and have lost 8.5 stone and am now in a size 14 skinny jean, which at 5’9″ is pretty good!!!! I still have about a stone and a half that I want to lose, but because I have a band, it is still entirely possible.

    Hang on in there, it may take a while, but then again, we didn’t get big overnight either… the band is the slower of the 2 options, but generally, both bandsters and bypassers end up losing the same after about 18-24 months…

    Good luck all!

    Take care

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 180 total)
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