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kathc’s Weight Loss Journey

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    So great news I’m booked for bypass in Chichester on 27 th July !!!

    AHHHH scary but exciting !!!

    Katherine . X x x

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    brilliant, great news katherine xx

    ruby tuesday

    So pleased for you, and very well done on posting a photo you clever thing! Just think, this Christmas you will be asking for clothes, clothes, clothes, yaye! (Anyone else hate those wretched ‘what are you going to wear to the Christmas party’ articles? Somehow, what ever Evens has in tent size just does not fill me with excitement)! Best of luck.x


    Look forward to hearing how it all goes x

    Sally Bailey

    Hi Katherine

    You must be thrilled and excited as well as a bit nervous – I was all those things!

    Welcome to your journey!

    Sally x


    Well I’m home from hospital, had my bypass on wed. All very straight forward . Feeling really tired today but pleased to be home . So far everything I’ve eaten had stayed down so I’m really chuffed .

    Just so pleased I did it ! And a big thank you to Emily from the forum who visited me in hospital you were a true inspiration to meet, and such a kind thing to do in your own time – was lovely meeting you . X x

    Katherine . X

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    ruby tuesday

    Welcome back, so glad your food is staying down, and you are glad you did it. Rest lots, look forward to reading how things are going. xx


    Well done kath



    Hi kathc

    Welcome home and now we’ve all moved along and made room for you on the losers bench. Enjoy your journey and make sure as soon as you’re well enough you get along to a support group near your home. All the best on your journey. Glad you had a visitor too! Looks like being on here has really helped you as you sound very positive and off to a good start. Well done you. Just take one small step at a time.

    Bye Madeleine (Renn)

    Donna O

    So glad your home and the operation went well i have been thinking of you ,wondering everyday how you are getting on.Guess you have to take each day at a time,think it will take a bit of getting used too .Soon be my turn i just want it too hurry up now.Take care look after yourself x


    Hi Katherine

    Glad your home and doing well keep up the good work! Was my pleasure to come see you 🙂 xx



    Hi Kath

    Congratulations and I’m so pleased your home now take it easy, let everyone fuss over you while you rest up.

    Summer x

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    Yay!! Welcome to the losers bench Kath. Glad everything went well x


    Hey all

    Well to update you all I’m 9 days post op bypass and all going well . I feel fab tired though . I’m eating a really varied diet ( all purée into nothing !! ) but it’s all stayed down so far ….

    Lovely day reading the paper in the garden with Kids this morning then a walk to local town this afternoon . Pretty tired after walk but glad I did it .

    Fab night at the support group last night great to put some faces to names .

    I’m off my BP MEDS as of the day of the op , I think the weight I lost on milk diet did that so apart from the injection and antacid tab they send you home with I’m clean !! That was my biggest thing I was 30 and on 2 Bp tablets already . !!

    Has anyone tried making semolina ( without sugar !) as a snack ?? Just curious as my mum suggested it ??

    Katherine . X x

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    ruby tuesday

    Hi Katherine, really pleased to hear you are doing so well this soon after your op, and that your food is staying down. So good to hear you enjoyed the support group, I really think they are invaluable, and it gives such a feeling of reasurrance to be able to talk through things with people who have been through them. Also wonderful you are off your meds, well done, best wishes,

    Ruby xx

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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