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    Great to hear from you John. Pleased you feel better in yourself. Planning a holiday sounds so good especially when you can get the most out of it. I was going to suggest earrings but have to say suggestion by Ruby sounds great!


    Cheers for advice on gifts guys, and Heidi you go for it I know the cost is important factor but what price do you put on quality of life.
    And a longer one. I have worked out that since having my op I have spent about £20 on food and drink in 9 days instead of about £10 per day and that’s on top of the weekly shopping. Food is Not the most important thing in my life now, life is because with life you can do anything

    Love as always xxxx


    Thanks john
    You are right, what price can you put on health, family and life…….. (i am worth the money)…

    God that was hard to write, i could think of so much more to spend the money on…. But you are right, and my hubby shares the same opinion as you. So my head is slowly getting into gear. “Positive thinking”, and i pray things will be as good for me, as they have been for you so far.

    Best wishes heidi

    ruby tuesday

    My motto; Weight loss surgery, because you are worth more than just a new shampoo! (Sorry Loreal)!


    John, it’s my 30th wedding anniversary next year too (and my husband’s of course!)

    As you will be slimmer and much fitter next year, why not dive for a pearl for your wife?!

    Before my surgery, I didn’t dare dream that I would even be here for my 30th anniversary and now we are planning a huge holiday to Canada and the USA with our grown-up children! I’ve never flown long haul before as I was too ill. WLS has given me a whole new life – better than the one I had before even though I’m now older!

    So looking forward to hearing all about your journey: both physical and metaphorical.

    Doodah x


    Hi John,

    I still experienced the shoulder pain 3 weeks post op but returning to work and being more active definitely helped and 6 weeks post op I have nothing at all, every day will get a little better until you suddenly realise you haven’t had it for a couple of days. Hope all is well with you.

    Annette xx


    Hi nettie

    The pain has all gone now, I’m feeling my old self again but that’s another story…. Lol

    I started swimming yesterday just light breast stroke for twenty minutes, and today I was on the tread mill for 45
    minutes. And then decided to turn it on…. Lol. Doing a rapid walk up hill.

    The scales did not show a weight loss this week but it did show my BMI and fat content drop I% I assume because I’m taking on mire fluids and good proper food and portion control my weight remained but the fat dropped a bit. Or am I talking rubbish

    Love John xxx


    Hi doodah… 30 years… Four grandkids… Mortgage finished in dec 2011 and two stone lighter so far… Life doesn’t get better than this…

    I fly a lot but it pees me of,,, you can see the look on others faces, “I hope that fat bastard doesn’t sit next to me” I hear them say. Then it’s a struggle to get the seat belt out from under my arse let alone get it to meet…. And as for the tray… You have to laugh… That’s what we are famous for fat people always laugh… But not inside, I’m crying… Then the trolly dolly ” would sir like something from the trolly” yes sir would like a nice pork pie roast pots and a portion of chips for later on, but because I’m sitting next to dolly Parton I’ll just have a glass of water…. As I breath in… Lol… Then you sweat about using the lav.. Once you have built up the courage to stand up and yes everyone looks at you, because you have to time it wright that you miss the bloody trolly on it’s way back… You made it to the lav… Not try getting your strides down and reversing onto the flower pot, I can only describe it as docking of the Luna space station.. I’ve got good at it but once in position I can move my arms from my side to wipe.. And all the time your looking at the door hoping you locked it…. Then the journey back to your seat and you meet miss tiny on the way and she says breath in… Breath in where do you think 22 stone is going to go by me just breathing in???

    Holidays I love em.


    John xxxxx

    First fill in October


    Oh John, this post made me both laugh and cry, cry because I feel the pain of that story having been there myself on numerous occasions and laugh because I know your next flight is going to be so different. I have just returned from my first flight post op and even with just 23lbs lost the difference was amazing.

    1. I was able to walk down the isle of the plane withput turning sideways.
    2. My seat belt fitted and there was even an inch of spare belt sticking out…….yes I actually had to tighten the belt!
    3. My tray not only folded down but it stayed down so I was able to put my hot coffee on it without fear of moving in my seat and tray pinging back up.

    Flying is a happier pursuit thanks to WLS.

    Nettie xx


    Oh but I didn’t try the loo, some scars take longer to heal and the humiliation of fighting my way to the airplane loo is one of them lol !!!!


    Your fat content will definitely reduce when your weight stays the same because the fat is being replaced by healthy muscle, sometimes the healthy muscle is actually heavier, this is a problem my daughter has, she is a dancer and very fit with minimal body fat but actually she weighs over 10 stone despite being a size 8, she finds it very frustrating.

    Your BMI should only reduce with your weight as it is a ratio of your mass to height or that is certainly my understanding of it. You sound very motivated I haven’t started exercise yet but must get to it.

    Nettie xx


    Oh John, your post made me actually Laugh Out Loud!! Absolutely brilliant – you should write an article or blog!

    Wow, your life is turning into a dream – just like mine. I married the love of my life, have 2 healthy kids doing well, a great job working with amazing people, and, best of all, a future. Your’s sounds absolutely fantastic too. I’m so pleased for you. Also glad the water increase helped with the nausea ;-))

    Doodah xx


    Hi John

    Nettie is right. Muscle weighs heavier than fat. Also, keep measuring…inches can be lost even if weight isn’t!!

    You really make me laugh 😉

    Doodah x


    Doodah. Always happy to put a smile on people’s faces.

    Now about measuring inches????

    Love John xx


    Next story is about the time I went to a sauna, health club type place and once inside found it to be a Hmmm how can I say this without sounding crass, ladies and gentlemen’s club!!!!!

    Coming soon in the next issue of, corsets for the larger gentlemen…

    Love John
    Or should I get of the site ???

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 190 total)
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