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    Hi John,
    I get weighed every Wednesday on the same scales so I know how much I weigh, I started out at nearly 25 stones and now I am nearly into the 16 stones, it is a great feeling watching the weight come off. I have only put on weight twice since I satrted once after I had been really ill and lost a stone in under two weeks and the body went into shock and held on to everything and the other time was excess wind lol.
    I use to get a sick feeling every time I put food anywhere near my mouth to start with but I stuck with it and now I still get the odd occassion when I feel like it but I does pass.
    Elaine xx


    Cheers Elaine.

    Is there a particular drink that will give me the energy and nourishment I need?

    John x.

    Ms Ellie

    @Ganny 19012 wrote:

    Hi John,
    I am not banded but had my bypass back in March and I now 7 stones lighter and I to went off coffee, can’t drink it at home but strange as it sounds can when I go out, have found though that I can’t drink Costas Latte any more much to creamy. Keep up the good work, early days for you but the days of feeling not so great and bloated will past. These last couple of months has been my best (feeling great wise) though the weight lost is slowing down ( put that down to doing much more exercise than I have ever done lol) I have had no bad reactions to food for a while and found that I can eat most things now apart from bread unless well toasted but that is not to much of a hardship.
    Keep up the good work and you are already on your way to be a success story.
    I to have a new friend called “pouchie” and we are getting on just great.
    Elaine xx

    Oh my days…… Elaine how weird I can’t do nescafe at home but when I’m out I really want a coffee, thought I was going bonkers!!!!

    Ms Ellie

    @johncg 19000 wrote:

    Hi guys
    Yesterday I had my best and worst, when I woke up I felt good had shower shave and dressed nice walk along the beach, but as the evening came I started to feel very bloated my belly looked like it was going to burst. By late evening I tried to sleep in bed but whatever position I was felt uncomfortable so I got up and sat on the sofa until I fell asleep. This morning I feel much better the bloating as gone.

    Yesterday although I never felt hungry at any point I knew I had to eat to get some goodness in me. All I could manage was one pot of yogurt and four spoons of sloppy mash. And two glasses of pure orange. Quite a contrast from A full belly buster fry up Mcd’s an indian and two bottles of wine, plus snacks.

    Going fir a walk with the wife later.

    Appy daze

    John x

    Ha ha John the full belly buster…. What’s that?????

    Ms Ellie

    A big congratulations from me John I hope all goes well for you xx


    I guys I mentioned that I feel sick around 1600 each day. Advice I got from you all was I need more fluid, this I have done today and at the moment I’m feeling very good. I have only eaten today orange juice, and a slimfast shake.. I have also changed my vitamins tablets from a asada brand to the sanatagoen so hope they are doing the job… I still have no feeling for food even the thought of food puts me off.. Last night I was suffering with wind in my left shoulder and I also felt sick and had to rush to the toilet.. I didn’t vomit any food but strangely I was vomiting wind list of wind out from my mouth and after I felt fine and the pain had gone! Strange..

    On a good side I put on a shirt that one of my daughters had bought me about five years ago, the shirt only reached each side of my nipples. This morning I tried it again and got it done up…..yippppeeee

    Cherio For noe

    John xxx


    Hi John,
    So glad you are feeling better today, I suffer from trapped wind up in my left shoulder never did before the op but I do now but only if I eat certain foods or eat to fast.I used to and still get the thought of food making me feel ill not all the time and on the odd occassion I can feel hungry but that does not happen very often, I could easily go without food all day so still have to remind myself to eat, long may that continue lol.
    Take care.
    Elaine xx

    Ps nice feeling when you can get into something that you couldn’t before.


    Glad you are feeling a bit better John x


    Hi all, why dose the shoulder Paine get worse in the evening. Also I just moved position on the sofa and my left shoulder was very painful but as I moved I burped fir about three seconds and the shoulder pain went?

    Love John xx

    ruby tuesday

    You have answered this yourself, it is gas, which builds up during the day, and is worse immediately post-op because we are tipped with our head section downwards and leg section upwards to aid the surgery. They aim to remove the gas pumped in during surgery to aid the operation, but it lingers in the lowest point, hence the shoulder area. Seems very weird I know, but I understand from others that it eases, sometimes up to a week later. I get pain under my left bust, worse in the evening, again due to gas, at nearly 3 weeks out. I don’t know if you were give Zoton fast-tabs post-op as I was, but these can also cause gas build up.

    ruby tuesday

    Ah, the joy of smaller clothes, such a great feeling!


    Good for you Ruby! You will be on the catwalk soon enough! You looked great when we last met, Shame you were not up to hayling last week, it was a good turnout. Keep well hun,
    Tom xx @ruby tuesday 19089 wrote:

    Ah, the joy of smaller clothes, such a great feeling!


    Hi guys,,

    Thought I’ll update on my progress.

    The last three days have been the best the sick feeling as disappeared thanks to doodah for advice and that was to increase my water intake and not had the feeling since. Also I changed my vitamins from a non brand to centrum advance.

    I still get the wind pain in the left shoulder at evening time but I have learnt to burp and the pain disappears.

    Appetite has very very slowly returned not to extent as before op but just a little something to satisfy myself. Typical days food is orange juice or half weetabix for breakfast, slimfast shake or bar for snack slim cupa soup for lunch and small amount of mash potatoes for dinner.

    I’m so glad I had my operation, I’m seeing results and already I have confidence standing and giving presentations at work although I’m still a fat fuc@”r. But just a small amount of weight loss is brill. I have booked an holiday for our 30 years marriage next June to gran caneria and I’m determined to be able to walk along the beach in just shorts, instead of a tent. Lol.

    I believe 30 years is pearl? Any suggestion , only a pearl neckless seems a bit
    old fashioned… We are still very young.

    Take care and enjoy your life, we only come this way once….

    Love as always
    John x x x. X


    Hi john
    I was thrilled to read your post. Cant tell you how pleased i am for you. It is all taking shape …… You must be so happy.
    You’ll be looking very good along that beach with your beautiful wife next year.

    I took myself off to the docs today, and told her of my decision…. Was very happy to hear she was happy to support me all the way. Not 1 to go to the docs very often, so cant say we have every really spoke about it before, so her support was nice to have. She did say, that because i have no other medical problems, ie… Blood pressure, diabetes etc etc. I would find it very difficult to get NHS funding….. And i wouldn’t ask, as i do believe those people should take priority. 6 weeks to go………. Scary.

    Once again , nice to hear how well you are doing.
    Best wishes

    ruby tuesday

    Very pleased for you John, it all sounds very positive, and I am sure your holiday will be a very different experience to any you may have had whilst a larger size. Pearl drop earrings look beautiful, and timeless, and pearls are in different colours too, such as a very chic grey, with some companies designing stunning modern bracelets etc. using a combination of pearls and other complimentary stones. I bought a lovely braclet in Pia, which was not particularly expensive. xx

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 190 total)
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