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    Hi John, I’ve just merged and moved your threads into the ‘Band patient stories’ section so you can keep everyone updated with how your weight loss journey is going all in one place and the thread will be easier to find too.



    Congrats John…. the first big step accomplished! Take each day one at a time and you’ll get the results you deserve!
    All the best,


    Morning all.

    Third day after band op, I got a good nights Kip and the wind in the chest and shoulders has seemed to have gone. I feel much better today been for a walk and had fresh orange juice for breakfast.. I don’t feel hungry but know we need to keep as close as poss to the menu supplied.

    This will prove awkward when I return to work on Wednesday. But a few changes and hope all is well.

    1st test is next month when we have a charity evening booked for a local cancer care unit, three course meal is on the menus although I have not seen it and not really bothered cos I will work around it, it’s the friends I’ll be with who are used to seeing me polish my plate and any left overs…

    Having soup for lunch today with mash and veg for dinner.

    Hope your are all well

    Love John xxx


    Hi John,
    so pleased that you are getting on ok ! and a big thank you for posting regular updates on here, for a newbie like me its invaluable advice, I will be ” Miss know it all ” by the time i go for my consultation ! ha haa.
    I am attending the seminar/info evening on monday at gatwick spire, then big family hols in oct/nov, still hoping for banding in Jan 2012

    good luck and keep posting !

    pauline xx


    Hi john
    Wow it sounds like you are doing fab. Thanks for keeping us posted. I’m amazed you can eat mash and veg on day 3. I thought it was soup and yogs for at least a week afterwards.
    Please keep posting, my appt with surgeon is in 3 weeks…. Need all the info i can get. Lol.
    Take care……. Heidi


    Hi All,
    Heidi in reply to mash and veg, its on the paperwork i got from Streamline, for week one after operation for dinner, although the portion size was very small and took a while to eat, it is mixed with gravy so its quite sloppy.. and the veg was one tea spoon of peas crushed with a fork…. was quite yummy considering what i have eaten over the last few weeks.. (milk)…i have noticed more today the time it takes for fluid and yoghurt to go down and the band is empty at the moment, but Guy did say that i would be swollen inside for a few days hence lots of water….. I have had more wind today from the rear, now to be blunt..thinking it might be a welcome fart that is much needed i took precaution and went to the boys room, lucky for me i did otherwise misses john would have not been happy…. I also feel like i need to do a massive burp but can only manage very small ones… still all seems to be going ok and this thing about head hunger, i know exactly was it is now, my mind (head) is saying saveloy and chips please, but my body is saying no you don’t need it and in any case you could not get it down..strange feeling, i constantly feel full up…anyway folks keep well and stay focused.

    apy daze
    john xx


    Thanks so much for your reply, it all sounds good…… I really cant get my head round everyone saying they aren’t hungry. But i guess it’s true, and that is 1 of my worries….. I dont like the thought of feelng hungry, and not being able to eat food. . . I know i have to make changes, and i need too, but i dont want to be very unhappy whilst doing it. … I feel guilty spending our savings on the op, and i know you too had those feelings…. I just dont want to let anyone down.
    I’m also going throu the “is the band the right op, or should it be bypass”……… Should i be talking to more people, or just go with my first thoughts.
    anyway i’ll leave you in peace.

    So glad you enjoyed your tea…… Keep smiling….. Take care.


    Your right spending 6k on the band was not an easy thing for me to do, as I’m a 49 year old committed father and granddaddy of 4, and spend most of my time and money on my family.

    I very seldom treat my self. But I after talking to others looked at it this way,

    If I continue the way I’m how much longer will I live to enjoy my family ?

    I’m 22 stone BMI 46.4 and that’s increasing each year. What price would I put on another 10/20 years of life? Now 6k seems a small amount.

    In fact since my first appointment with guy 6 weeks ago I have hardly touched the food cupboard or freezer so theirs money saved there, no beer or wine which I was spending around 40/50 pounds a week.. Not had a drop.

    My girls fully supported me as have my parents and wife…

    I also was confused as to band or bypass.. That I left to the medical professionals and if your completely honest with your surgeon he will give you the best advice.. I was sure the band was for me after reading the streamline site.

    Take care buddy I’m always here

    By the way since starting the healthy eating and combined with the milk diet I’m now 20.5 stone BMI 44.2.

    John xx


    Hi guys
    Yesterday I had my best and worst, when I woke up I felt good had shower shave and dressed nice walk along the beach, but as the evening came I started to feel very bloated my belly looked like it was going to burst. By late evening I tried to sleep in bed but whatever position I was felt uncomfortable so I got up and sat on the sofa until I fell asleep. This morning I feel much better the bloating as gone.

    Yesterday although I never felt hungry at any point I knew I had to eat to get some goodness in me. All I could manage was one pot of yogurt and four spoons of sloppy mash. And two glasses of pure orange. Quite a contrast from A full belly buster fry up Mcd’s an indian and two bottles of wine, plus snacks.

    Going fir a walk with the wife later.

    Appy daze

    John x

    ruby tuesday

    Hi John,

    It is strange isn’t it, some days we feel better than others, I too am bloated and uncomfortable by the evening, and can’t manage much food, which has meant the last few days I have felt wiped out. I manage a morning walk, but lately not much else, yet just after the op I had bags of energy. I’m not hungry, but think being on little food has that affect, so imagine that will change later. Best of luck to you.


    morning ruby

    i wonder if its also a chemical reaction we are having…. has my wife said its quite an ordeal we have been through and ups and downs are to be expected… i just keep reading the success stories and thinking, that will be me soon, so i am staying fully focused and committed to my new friend “the band”.. we make a good i have also gone of coffee!!


    Hi John,
    I am not banded but had my bypass back in March and I now 7 stones lighter and I to went off coffee, can’t drink it at home but strange as it sounds can when I go out, have found though that I can’t drink Costas Latte any more much to creamy. Keep up the good work, early days for you but the days of feeling not so great and bloated will past. These last couple of months has been my best (feeling great wise) though the weight lost is slowing down ( put that down to doing much more exercise than I have ever done lol) I have had no bad reactions to food for a while and found that I can eat most things now apart from bread unless well toasted but that is not to much of a hardship.
    Keep up the good work and you are already on your way to be a success story.
    I to have a new friend called “pouchie” and we are getting on just great.
    Elaine xx


    Hi Elaine.

    Good to hear from you…

    I just hope that we can give assurance not only to each other but to others who are thinking, waiting , or just going under the op not matter if they are band or bypass.

    At the end of the day it’s WLS and life changing.

    I for the first tine in my life bought a set of scales today the ones that measure everything, well almost everything… Lol. I wanted to keep a weekly record of my journey and using the same scales would give a better more regular reading..

    Was 22 stone… According to my new scales I’m now 19.2… In five weeks…

    For the last few days around 1600 I have started to feel sick, did you have this?

    Love John xx


    Hi john
    Your progress is brill. I hope the bloating is easing for you, and you are enjoying your walks. When do you return to work?
    Can i ask when did you start taking the multi vit . Is there a certain make which is best ?

    Wow 22 down to 19, in 5 weeks, god i’m so hoping it works for me aswell as it has for you. I started my cut down, and healthier choices today.
    Would like to shed half a stone before meeting he surgeon in 3weeks. (not using he word diet anymore…… ).
    Best wishes


    Hi hides

    Bloating is better today, I started the vitamins when I started the milk diet, just normal shop ones.

    I tried some dry toast this morning but after two very small bites I had to rush to the sink and… Yes was reunited… Clearly not ready for that food.

    I seem to be going off foods that I liked before op like yogurt got a fridge full and don’t fancy them, gone off coffee, sloppy mash.

    And some say this is cheating having WLS.

    John x

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 190 total)
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