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    Morning all,

    I have my second visit to the harrow clinic today to see Dr and Elaine get weighed and see if doc recommends a second fill…

    I’ve been a good boy so far ( hides stop it!) happy with my lot so far…. I’m enjoying my life so much more now….. Look forward to meeting others who have had WLS in the future ….. If I’ve lost another two kilos since last time I’ll celebrate with a double egg mc muffin….. (only joking) that’s far behind me now I don’t miss it at all… Mind you I can’t wait until next month when I celebrate my 50th with a glass of red…..

    I’ll update you all later

    Love John xxxxxx


    Good luck, you’re doing so well, so much more will power than me xx

    ruby tuesday

    You sound so happy, it is a joy to read. xx


    Lost 6 inches around the waist ( yes I now have a waist) in three weeks…

    Weight coming down…. Now waiting for second fill….

    Love John xxxx


    Had another 1.5ml of fluid injected into my band, and was done by the fabulous Elaine George….

    All looking good… Weight, BMI, and waist all coming down nicely……

    Back to fluids for a day or two…..

    Funny though my legs have shrunk they look like sparrows legs!!!

    Plus a bone has grown out of my chest, Elaine said it was my chest bone, never felt it before WLS…..

    Everything that was said about WLS is happening for me apart from the HMmm ladies and gentlemen’s department!!!!!!

    Still early days and I am nearly 50…. Lol

    Love John xxxx


    Dear john
    So pleased to hear you have been a good boy……. Nudge, nudge, wink wink…… X

    Congrats on your ongoing progress, you are doing brilliant. I never thought to take my measurements before i started. My first fill has just been moved forward a week, (at my request), maybe the nurse would do them, and then i can compare each month.

    The big 50 is only round the corner, i hope you’ve got 1 of those very LOUD shirts to wear……. Lol
    Best wishes
    Hides. X


    Hides my love
    Im not sure about a loud shirt, but I have lots of large shits…. Lol

    Where are you getting your fill done?

    I had my legs in the air today while the nurse fiddled with my port!!!!!

    My first fill was under X-ray and you stand for that. It’s quite good to see the band…

    Just tried a Ryvita and up it come… Back to soups me thinks.

    I’m of to Egypt in January for a weeks diving it will be interesting to see if I can get the try down on the plane… Lol

    I have a few stories to tell on my return lol

    And them trolly dollies ” would sir like something from the trolly” yes a bit of fresh fish and a slimfast shake my darling … Lol

    Take care

    Love John xxxx


    Hi John, so glad I’m not the only one lying on my back with my legs in the air, I knew your time would come lol.

    Love Nettie xx


    Yes nettie but this time I wasn’t on top… Lol

    Love John xxx


    John. I found that bone in my chest too!! I asked all the family if I was normal then they showed me theirs!! Lol. It’s gone from my legs too but still waiting for my muffin top to go although it is a lot smaller now. I’m seeing Elaine soo too! They’re all so brilliant. X


    I thought I had a swelling on my face – my daughter said ‘It’s your cheekbone Mum, you’ve got one the other side too’.


    Love your swelling in the face comments. So funny!!! I can’t wait for mine to show. 🙂

    Sent from my iPhone using WLS FORUM



    Give my love to Elaine when you see her… She is brill, so gentle and caring .. Xx

    There is only one swelling I want but it’s not happening lol

    Doodah…. I’m finding all parts of my body I haven’t felt for years… Lol

    Shoulder bones… Knee caps… Ribs…. Plenty of back bone…. Lol

    Love John xxxxx



    What’s a muffin top??? My mind is doing over time!!!!!

    Love John xxxx


    John. It’s the bit hanging over my waist!! Lol bet that cured you!! Lol x

Viewing 15 posts - 151 through 165 (of 190 total)
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