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    Consultation with guy, what a lovely man… Band was recommended…. Date for op end of august yipeeeeeeee

    John x


    Well done John, I’m so glad you have a decision on band/bypass as I know it was bothering you, you can now relax and enjoy the excitement of your pre band journey and it will soon br here for you.

    Nettie xx


    Cheers nettie

    I can’t wait.


    ruby tuesday

    So soon, you are lucky, really pleased for you. x


    I all,
    I’m in my room at the Churchill harrow op all done, just a but discomfort re wind in chest area… Sipping water doing breathing and foot exercise….

    Can’t wait to get out and start working with my band, I’ll think we will have a very good relationship…..

    Love John xxxx

    ruby tuesday

    good to hear you are ok, hope you have a speedy recovery, and can look ahead to a fiitter, slimmer you! xx


    Morning all

    Bit of a restless night with wind in the chest … But. Now up showered and having a Peppermint tea, it helps with the wind….

    Also got a yogurt for breakfast. Yum yum after eight days only drinking milk.

    Spoke to guy last night op went well liver was very small due to milk diet no problems from his side.

    Looking forward to a walk later, all drips mask etc now off so freedom…

    Make room for me on the losers bench please.

    John xxxx


    Aha great news, all seems good….
    Be sure to get as much rest as you can while you can, your be uncomfortable for a little while, tender.
    Sleeping with a pillow by your side will stop you rolling over:)

    Otherwise lets get you home, and begining your journey…
    Wishing you great sucess, glad to hear your ok…

    All the very very best

    Buzz x


    Thankyou for posting the good news so early John, came on here especially to check your progress before work, so glad to hear all went well for you and you are up and showered already.

    As Buzz says you will be sore for a while and the wind pain is the worst but you are right the peppermint tea is a god send. We’ll gladly move up on the losers bench for you and can’t wait to follow your progress. Don’t run before you can walk, take time to recover and don’t rush the food stages.

    Take care on the journey home and keep us updated.

    Lots of love

    Nettie xx


    Thanks for ther update John. You are doing brilliantly.

    As for the wind – don’t be polite: let it go!!

    Everything will be new and exciting…and exhausting, so make sure you get plenty of rest whilst you can (like Buzz said.) I’m so excited for you.

    Doodah xx


    Hi john
    So pleased to hear everything went well. I’ll be were you are in about 6 weeks. The waiting is a killer, want to done sooner, but i have a small child, and i have to work with school hols , and people who can help out for a few days….. Hence october.
    Not looking forward to the milk diet, but you managed ok john……. Hope i can be as strong.
    Nettie…… How’s the return to work going ? and an update on your lose…. I know your fill is soon, are you finding it easier as time goes on ?


    Cheers all

    Dressings all changed and awaiting for my daughter to arrive to take me home

    Up date you all later. I’m of for pie mash and several beers. Lol only joking

    Now I can post the invoice to the fridge door to keep me away. Lol

    Appy daz

    Love John xx


    Hi johncg

    Well done and best wishes. Hope to meet up one day . where do you live..I’m in Gosport.

    Bye for now
    Renn (Madeleine)


    Hi John,
    Glad everything went well, as Buzz says take it easy for a while and rest when you can, don’t try to run before you can walk.
    Take care.
    Elaine xx


    Hi renn

    I’m in Rochester Kent

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 190 total)
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