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    Well, after gaining 13lbs and being out of control and on a self destruct mission, I am now right in the head to tackle it again (I think). The only good thing is all my clothes still fit – dunno how! So, I started the liver reducing diet yesterday and so far so good. I just hope it will re-set everything for me again. I am off to see the head Dr. at the end of the month and they apparently have stratagies to help. I’m sure if they are that good then all the world would know about it but I will go with an open mind! The strange thing about it is, I’m ok eating boring stuff (my pre op diet was yogurt, milk and soup) so long as I don’t let anything nice near my lips. I’m quite happy to cook for everyone else and not yearn for their nice food which is handy! If anything, I’m having to force myself to want to eat at the moment. Isn’t it annoying that we can’t get our heads into this mode more often. I guess if it were that easy, none of us would have had or needed surgery! It’s still not the golden ticket though is it.


    Hi Hazel

    You hit the nail right on the head there – the need to sort out our heads every bit as much as our bodies. If not more!

    Even after almost 4 years, if my bypass were suddenly ‘removed’ I would panic like mad!! Ironically, I think I would do the complete opposite of what I used to do: turn to food. I actually think I would reject huge amounts of food for fear of regain. I have had 2.5 years of being a ‘normal, healthy’ weight so the thought of gaining a significant amout back would shock me to the core. My weight used to literally make me housebound (often bedbound) and so depressed I couldn’t see any future for myself. The thought of returning to that is enough to make me stick to healthy eating but Oh my LIFE I wouldn’t want to do it without my best friend – my little pouch!!

    Good for you for waiting until you are in the right ‘head space’ again before trying to tackle the few pounds you have gained. I’m a firm believer in getting the mind right first. I said as much to a Psychologist at the Sudbury Clinic Official Opening on Wednesday. I had 3 years of therapy before I had my bypass and it helped more than I could have ever hoped for.

    Good luck with claiming back control, not only of your weight but your right to make decisions for yourself. Food is our ruddy enemy sometimes and we need to be ready to assume control at any given moment!!

    Doodah x


    What annoys me is I am very able to totally give up nice food for soup, yogurt and a pint of milk and I can stick to it. I have allowed myself a treat each day (a packet of special K mini bites usually) although last night I had a spoonfull of sherbert! I find I can do this and not miss nice things rather than cut out the crap or cut my portion sizes. My problem is I don’t dump and so don’t have any deterrant Saying that, I did this morning which was no doubt the sherbert and very unusual for me so perhaps I’ve been re-set!! Not that I ever have any of the other symptoms like sweats or bad pain – just the loo jobbie. I’ve lost 4 lbs in 4 days so it’s a start. I just wish I could do it a different way. I guess at least I know this method is only for 2 weeks and it does work for me.


    4lbs is 4 days is some going!! I don’t dump that much any more but the fear of it keeps me in check! Well done and just do what you can – isn’t that all any of us can?


    Sounds like your doing brill Hazel. I also found the milk diet quite liberating as I didn’t have to make decisions… Making decisions about food often stresses me out… I always pay at pump at a garage so I don’t have to walk past all the crap food and the cigarette counter… I have been known to stand in a garage or corner shop paralysed as I argue with my brain that I will not buy crap food!!!! I must look a bit mental when I do that… I stare at stuff walk off stop at another thing sometimes I pick stuff up them walk all the way back to put it back!!! Since my op it’s easier as I have told myself I will not eat anything bad for as long as possible…. It’s hard but so far so good… But I’m no angel and only 3 months post op…. Who knows , I’m sure at some point you’ll catch me staring at chocolate in my local co- op!!!!.. In the mean time I’m using my fitness pal every day…. Just looking at the calories in something puts me off ….. For me I can see using the milk diet in the future as a good way to reset if I start to go wrong… Funnily enough a guy on the other forum I use said just yesterday that he does this a few times a year to keep things in check!!!!
    Keep up the good work!!!! Xxx


    LOL, in my head, if there’s no calories written on it there must be none lmao. Thankfully my diet is 4 soups, 4 yogurts and a pint of milk a day. The yogurt get’s a bit much at times (I make my own usually) but I do add some fruit to it like strawberries, a few blueberries and a few raisins. I bought some Shape rhubarb flavoured yogs yesterday and they are really low in cals and rather yummy. Trouble is, when you have something yummy, you want more. Perhaps that’s why I had the sherbert!!! So, for me, boring is the only way but I’m not a great one for loads of sweet stuff and the yog is in that class and so I guess I avoid eating it till later in the evening. There is no way on this earth that I would usually dump on sherbert or things like that and so I’m just hoping this will re-set things. Only time will tell I suppose.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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