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Interested in the milk diet info please

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    Hi all,
    Not been here for a while i have been trying to distract myself form the whole wls jorney till i had recived my appointment date to chichester, whic btw is 24th june,

    I have a couple of questions if you can help…

    what is involved with the milk diet?
    Why do some people get refused at chichester?
    Why is the gastric sleeve becoming more abundant?

    I’m ready for this journey and i am relaying on this changing my life, i want to gastric bypass but will take any option that the surgeon feels is best suited to me.. I want to make sure that when i get to the apponitment they are aware of how commited i am to this and be able to show an in depth knowledge of ALL procedures that they are offering? I have already seen a surgeon else where and he advised me that it would improve my life dramatically! since then i have wanted the surgery asap, and would take any cancellation going lol x I just wanted some pointers from you all so i can be well infromed and so this wont hinder my chance at a new life x Do you personally know anyone that has been refused at chichester? xx hope you can all help xx many thanks sicknote x

    Andy Toms

    Hi sicknote, you may have seen already that i have very recently gone through the gastric bypass op so i have done the milk diet, the idea of the milk diet is to shrink your liver to make the operation site easier to access, thus making it safer for you, what the milk diet entails is 2ltrs of semi-skimmed milk, 1 salty drink and 1 ltr of other fluid, but all must be sugar free or no added sugar, a lot of people add no added sugar crusher to their milk to break the boredom, also if you feel you want it you can have a sugar free jelly everyday, this can be made normally or with a little water to melt the crystals and then topped off to the pint with milk….. this can be great, good luck with your journey

    ruby tuesday

    Hi, that answers your query about the milk diet, so on to refusals. The idea is to ensure the person meets the criteria for surgery, ie; BMI is within the guidelines, then to check their health problems to ensure they will have the best possible chance of minimal complications from surgery. The dietician and psychologist also have an input to ensure the person is motivated to work with the after effects of surgery not against the restrictions it imposes, and that they are mentally stable enough to cope, as some people become depressed in the early stages post-op. Sometimes people are asked to loose weight first, or to ensure sleep apnoea is under control, etc. so there are many different reasons why people might not be suitable.


    Thank you both very much x
    So basically if you prove that your commited to the change of life and any nasty side effects it should be a okay!
    As i have said i have seen a surgeon and he has already agreed to do the proceudre but i chose to go to chichester x i hope i get this xx Thank you again x

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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