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Info required for friend

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    Hi all hope you’re all having a fantastic summer ! I was wondering if anyone that had a bypass with funding could explain how it works ? A very good friend of mine had a call from her doctor yesterday to say that she had been accepted for funding for a bypass, does anyone know what the next stage is and how long she’ll be waiting etc ? All information gratefully received x


    I think it depends on the PCT. I am in Brighton and when my funding was approved I was given a list of hospitals to choose from. I chose st Richards in Chichester as it is a centre of excellence for bariatric surgery. I then had to go for an assessment day where I saw the surgeons, dieticians, psychologist and specialist nurse. I was there all day and by the end of it I was told that they would be happy to operate. In terms of time I thinky funding was approved in October, my Mdt was in November and I had my bypass on the 5th march this year. Hope this helps
    Katy x


    Thankyou I’m sure it will. I had mine done privately at Guildford with Chris pring so I can help with all the what to expect after etc but I had mine done 3 weeks after initial consultation so have no idea how it works on Nhs . Thanks again x


    I had mine with Shaw Somers in July 2008. From initial consultation to surgery was one month. I was a very poorly woman though so time was of the essence. Hope your friend gets on ok 😉

    Doodah x


    Thankyou she is just about to have a partial knee replacement so that will hold her back for a while but yes her weight Is causing her lots of issues she has a Cpap machine a sleeping disorder and a bad back and knees she also suffers from depression and I’m sure this is all down to her weight !!!! I can’t wait for her to get it done and get her life back on track !!! X

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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