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I’m sooo hungry!!!! Day 1

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    I’m only on Day 1 and my tummy is gurgling away!.

    I’m on 5 bottles of Slim Fast (as I hate milk and the dietician said it was ok)
    Unlimited water
    1 cup of oxo (as it’s the only salty drink I can bear)

    How have other people coped with the hungar pangs?

    My bypass is on the 17th November (yay!!) at the SPire Hospital in Portsmouth


    Hi ramblin rose

    The hunger pains got me to! Plus didn’t like milk and after 3 days struggling found I had a milk I tolerance! So moved over to the pre op diet! It does get easier (so I am told!) I stayed away from the family when they ate so I didn’t drool over their food! Lol but it’s worth it all I promise! I’m 4.5 months since bypass and 5 stone lighter and feeling great and loving the compliments I’m getting now (I used to hide away but not anymore!) stick with it as its worth it all. And most of all Good luck and welcome to the losers bench. X


    Keep focused Rosie

    If your private place the bill on your fridge door, that kept me away…. And a stark reminder of what I’m spending 6k on… If your NHS just keep thinking what my national insurance is doing for you…. Lol

    Keep focused my love

    Love John xxxx

    ruby tuesday

    Hi Rose, lots of fluid, keeping out of the house and keeping the mind and body occupied, and it becomes much easier a few days into the ‘milk’ diet too, so keep your spirits up, have treats that are not food, and remember you can have a jelly daily too, unless that is different when doing your slimfast? It will be worth it all, I promise!


    Hiya Rose

    Try keeping a diary. Write down how hungry you think you feel and how awful it is. You will notice by day 3-4 that a) you won’t be as hungry b) you have less to say about being hungry and more to say about how you REALLY feel and finally c) you will be able to go back and read it just before your operation and see how much progress you have already made.

    Hope that helps xx


    Hi Rose,

    I write the same just over a week ago when i started the liver shrinking diet….i thought how am i possibly going to get through this! I am now 3 days post gastric band and i can honestly say it does get easier. I found the afternoons the hardest so i made sure i got out and kept my mind busy doing other things. keep drinking fluids and stay positive it will be over in no time and so worth it. Good Luck

    Jo xx

    P.s- I found the salty drink hard until i found chicken bovril and then i looked forward to having it.


    Thanks guys! You’ve really boosted my determination! I WILL do this!


    you can do this…just think this will be the very last time you need to do such a drastic diet….the outcome will be amazing 🙂


    Thanks for all the encouragement! I am feeling more positive today! I dreamt I was slim last night!!!


    Hi Rose, as the others have said busy yourself with something else. I did some making up of food for post op and read loads and kept out as much as possible. It gets easier and is definitely worth it. It helped me to remind myself the diet was to make the op easier and quicker for the surgeon.


    My freezer is ful of soup, I’m all packed and ready to go…I just need to get thorugh these next two days before my surgery. My tummy keeps growling with hunger and it’s so hard to stick to this diet! However, it WILL be worth it inthe end!

    Onwards and upwards!

    Thank you all for your kind support!


    I will be thinking of u. Will be joining u on losers bench soon. X

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    Hi Rosie, if you made it this far you’ll be fine. The first couple of days on the milk diet are the hardest. My attitude was I’d got to day 4/5 and thought im this far im not giving up now!!! Plus by the end of it I really wasn’t that hungry. I’m 2 months post op now and have lost 4 stone so I’m over the moon. I started back at the gym last week and am hoping to play for my brothers football team at some point in the next few months. The compliments are awesome to….


    Tomorrow is the big day!

    I’ve had my last Slim Fast and am off to bed soon, tomorrow is the beginning of the rest of my life!!


    Good luck tomorrow. See you on the losers bench d

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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