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    I have been using this one:-
    425 g Tinned fruit in Juice
    150 g Light Philadelphia
    500 g Chilled custard (light)
    4 tsp vanilla extract

    Drain & finely chop fruit – keep juice.

    Place Philly in a bowl with 4-5 tbsp of juice & 4 tsp vanilla extract.
    Beat untill soft and creamy, gradually stir in fruit & custard.

    Place in freezer proof ramekin type pots (with lids) makes 6-8 servings,
    and freeze, stirring occasionally until frozen.

    This is great, does not require an icecream maker and can be used in very early recovery. However it does freeze up very hard, so I usually take it out of the freezer a good hour or so before I want to eat it. The other option is to use it up on family and friends before it freezes too hard, which is what my son and his wife do.

    Custard cal 93 protein 2.9 carbs 16.2 of which sugar 12 fat 1.8
    Philly cal 156 protein 8.3 carbs 4 fat 7.6
    Fruit cal 47 0.6 11 0

    I used tinned Strawberrys.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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