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I start my pre-op diet tomorrow!!

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    So…I went for my pre-op appointment this past Thursday & my surgery is two weeks from tomorrow. Needless to say, I start my pre-op diet tomorrow. My doctor wants us to do two meal replacement protein shakes & a small meal per day. The protein shakes can be made with milk or water. I’m hoping I can make it through & lose a good amount of weight prior to my surgery on the 18th. I’d be more than appreciative of any suggestions!!!


    I done the low cal low fat option. Just so I felt like I was still eating…hope you have a slap up meal before you start! X


    Hi Martin

    I did the milk diet so I don’t have any suggestions personally but I’m sure someone on here will have! Whichever diet you follow, just remember it’s only for a few weeks. Try to remember that when you get fed up (and you WILL at some point or you wouldn’t be human!) I believe it gives us a taster (no pun intended) of the sort of willpower we will need after surgery as it isn’t a magic wand that makes you slimmer: you have to work with it as it’s a tool to help you.

    Good luck and please keep in touch. Try putting a shout in the shoutbox for a quicker answer?

    Doodah x

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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