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I said "No" to someone!

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    This might not seem much of an achievement to some of you but to me, it is humungous!

    I was asked to attend a talk about astrology on my days off just before I went on holiday. My Mum had organised it as a nice event for the other members of her COPD group (lung condition.) I was quite interested in it but knew I would get roped into doing all the refreshments and clearing up as per usual. As I was on annual leave, I couldn’t be bothered is the truth of it. So I said NO.

    I could hear both the astonishment and disappointment in my Mum’s voice that I had said no to her. I’m 52 next week and I still find it hard to say no to my parents!! But I did. She got over it. She didn’t argue and she doesn’t love me any less. I cannot tell you how great it feels.

    Just wanted to share this with you all as, sometimes, it’s the tiny steps that take us the furthest forward and it’s not only about what we weigh but how we feel. We lose to gain.

    Doodah xx

    Doodah xx


    Well done. It is sometimes the hardest word to use, but you must put yourself first. Unless of course I am the one asking for something 😉


    Just occasionally your allowed to say NO….

    Lend us a fiver …… lol 🙂

    You give soo much no-one would ever think anyless of you for thinking of YOU just occasionally…..

    Now about that fiver LMSAO….

    Love you x

    Buzz xxx


    Well done doodah

    A girl saying NO, where have I heard that before….. Lol

    John xx


    Oh Doodah what a wonderful achievement. It can be so difficult to say NO two little letters but it can be a mouthful. Apat on the back for you. Well done. xx


    Well done Doodah, we’re the same age and saying no to anything, especially parents is difficult at the best of times so very well done, stay positive and look after yourself, you deserve it.

    Take care



    Thanks guys. The bit I find hardest is realising that if I say no, they won’t love me any less.

    I have terrible abandonment issues (long, long story!) which obviously cloud my judgement. Three years of therapy helped me to say no to everyone else but it has been a longer learning curve with my parents. I wish I could be more like my little sister: she doesn’t do anything she doesn’t want to!!


    Saying no is one of the hardest things to do, so well done! I know for me it always brings up feelings of guilt etc.

    Interestingly, I was asked to give a talk on Astrology in September, usually I would do such things, but I have been trying to honour myself more due to being so unwell, so I said NO! Still keep wondering if I have done the right thing, but it feels right…I wish guilt was an easier emotion!

    Well done Doodah!



    Thanks so much SJ. It really means a lot to know other people understand xx


    Hello Doodah

    Well done. It’s been difficult for you but you’ve done it now. You are so spot on with emotions and your own experiences are such a help to us all on here. We know you share from the heart and that’s what we all need at times. Thanks for being YOU. I’m proud to call you and many others on here my buddy.

    From Madeleine (Renn)


    have to agree with the comments here!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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