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I Just can’t get any restriction

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    Hi guys I needed a defill before I went on a longhaul flight to New York before I went I had plenty of restriction but since having the defill amount put back in plus another 2ml on top I dont seem to still have any restriction. This doesnt make sense to me if I don’t have restriction now but had it before. Has anyone else experienced this help.


    Sally Bailey

    Hi Cazza.

    I’m a bypass girl so can’t really answer. I’m sure someone will know how to help you on here though. If not, why not give the hospital a ring?

    Good luck

    Sally x


    Bands are fickle things and defy logic! Even if you have the same amount of fill in your band it does not mean it will feel the same if you have the same put in again. I had barely no restirction with 8ml in, then could not swallow my own saliva with 0.5ml in after a complete de-fill…

    You may need another fill to get it right, be patient, hopefully you will get that restriction back in the end.



    GETTING RESTRICTION just right and finding your ”sweet spot” is a nightmare
    and may never happen
    I pray that it does cause the alternative is pure hell
    either you can eat too much
    or no real foods at all
    or vomiting
    but guess what you can ALWAYS eat blooming chocolate as it simply melts and slides through your band
    NEVER AGAIN! -but I hope it’s different for you
    much luck x


    Thanks guys I had another fill about 2 weeks ago i’m now at either 8ml or 8.5ml my last fill was a 1.5ml Velia said she couldn’t put any more in at that time as that was a large fill. I go back to see the dietican on Thursday hope I can get another top p but they always seem to struggle to find my port last time it was 3 holes with 2 needles the time before that I had 9 holes 3 needles before they called for Shaw to help. It doesn’t help that I have a colostomy bag so evrything I do eat goes straight through me even protein veg salad so it’s a nightmare I’m just not losing & desparate to get my to mega big hernia’s done as now when I walk all I see is those & it’s really now getting to me.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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