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I have to have my band removed, has anyone experienced the same?

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    Hi everyone.

    I had a band fitted in November 2008 by Mr Tim John and initially had really good results, by November ’09 I had lost around 5 stone. However, I had started to have frequent stomach pains and lots of vomiting from around June 2009, with a week in Hospital in August 2009.

    The problems continued until I saw Mr Pring last October and he said I needed all the fluid removed from me band. This helped it settle down for a while, but the pain and vomiting returned after a few months.

    I was referred for a barium meal x-ray and then went to see Mr Slater last month. He said that the best course of action is to have the band removed. I do agree as I might be lighter but I don’t feel healthier. I’m a little worried about gaining weight again, but think I have a better view of portion control now so remain positive, I’m just looking forward the vomiting stopping.

    Has anyone else had to have their band removed? Do you have to follow the milk diet prior to surgery? And is it more painful? I’m having an endoscopy on the 5th of October to see if the band has eroded into my stomach and the best course of action for removal.

    Many thanks for reading
    Sally x


    Hi sally
    I’m so sorry to read your story. And the truth is i cant help you with your questions. I’m 4weeks off having my band done, and now your story stirs up lots of questions for me . I’m so sorry to hear the problems you are having, but 5stone weight loss is brilliant. Can i ask you, dispite the problems , are you pleased you went down this route.? or does the discomfort etc etc over rule the weight loss. (be honest, please)
    I really wish you well, and hope the team can help you. (was this nhs or private) ?
    Best wishes

    ruby tuesday

    Hi Sally,

    There have been people on here who had a band removal and subsequently had a bypass as they gained weight, but I am not sure they are still around, so yes it does happen, unfortunately, and I can’t answer whether you do the milk diet pre-removal or whether it might hurt, they are questions to ask your surgeon. I think that you will know more when you find out whether the band has moved, as that will determine how the team carry out the operation, as I think a straight forward band removal from the normal position is intended to be problem-free, so I guess it is a case of wait and see at the moment.

    All I can say, apart from very well done on your weight loss, is that I am so sorry to hear you are vomiting and having problems, and I hope this is sorted quickly for you, and as you say, you have learnt a new way of eating now, so do your best to keep that and exercise up afterwards, and you will be fine. xx


    Hi I to have had problems with my band it appears that it was leaking fluid I had a barium swollow but the site of the leak couldn’t be found, I did have restriction until I had a defill to go to New York but when I came back the fluid seems to vanish. I’m going in on the 3rd Oct to have it investigated to see if it’s just the port that is the problem but if they can’t see it clearly they are going to take it out and replace it, as i’ve had no restriction since march. good luck.


    Hi Sally

    Sorry to hear you’ve had such a rough time. I’m a bypasser but I’m sure some lovely bandster will come along soon and offer you some advice. I can only sympathise…

    Well done on losing a magnificent 5st. You should feel very proud of yourself. Are you NHS? Are you being offered further surgery? Hope it all gets sorted out as quickly as possible.

    Love Doodah x


    Hi, Sorry to hear about your band problems.I have had 2 bands which both had to be removed due to them both slipping. I didnt have to do the milk diet prior to the removal of them. It didnt hurt at all just an upsetting time tring to get you head round things.I piled on weight after both my bands but new i would as i know i have a weight problem as i would never of had the opps. I wish you all the best and feel free to ask any other questions you have x

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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