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I got on a excercise bike for the 1st time in years

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    Hi guys

    I have set myselfself on a mission not losing weight quick enough I know may not have been eating the right things but back on track after being ill will flu and chest infections since end of Nov so as the antibiotic and steriod are not helping I thought would try and sweat it out of me.

    Thoughts running through my head what was the max weight on this?
    How do I restart the calulations?
    Is it going to hold me as I know i’m bound to be over the max weight? mmmm

    so sod it I went for it and did 30.2 mins non stop, cycled 5.38 miles and burnt up 255.2 cals.

    I feel really pleased with myself doing this whilst feeling like pants and another thing that has helped my fridge freezer broke down and had to wait 3 weeks for it to be repaired so the contents were thrown and now working again have done a very impressive shop to restart.

    Any ideas on how I can get a mega fussy husband who doesnt eat veg or hardly any fruit on a healthly diet he looks at veg & says I don’t like yet hasn’t even tried it, I want to help him loose weight as he could do with losing 2-3 stone himself but i’m pulling myhair out getting to try things when he just wants to keep eating out..



    Hi Cazza,
    Well done for getting out there and working out! Exercise gives you a really good mental vibe. Keep that up and the weight will fall off you. Mmmm not sure how to get hubby on the right track with a healthy diet. Adding veg chopped up very small to mince is one I have tried with my kids! Smoothie drinks? Im sure the other guys on here will come up with some other good ideas. Keep the excercising up girl! x

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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