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    Hi all

    I’m doing a Victor Meldrew rant as I went for my pre-op yesterday and was due to have my band tomorrow (2 June). However, on going through the questionnaire I was asked if I had any rashes and mentioned I had a heat rash under my boobies. Because of this my op has been put back a week and I had to go to my GP to get it looked at and treated yesterday afternoon. I was told they couldn’t risk operating until it had been treated which I can totally understand. As you imagine, I had been building up to 2 June with mixed feelings and felt totally deflated. At least the dietician said I could come of the milk diet for 2 days and start again on Thursday which cheered me up. So now it’s roll on 9 June. Never mind, I’ll get there.

    Lynn x


    Can’t imagine how you must be feeling. Still, better safe than sorry, and 9th June is only a week away, so will be here before you know it. Two days milk diet free – planning any treats?!


    Andy Toms

    @SJ 15961 wrote:

    9th June is only a week away

    Two days milk diet free – planning any treats?!


    Hi Lynn, sorry to hear about your problem but assuming all goes ahead for you on the 9th of june and you have to be in the same ward as the bypasses i will see you there (my op is 8th june), i am wading thru the milk diet slowly as we speak (i must admit i have been craving food… even dreaming about it at times) but i am determined to stay strong and work thru it, as for having 2 days milk diet free there is an ideal oppotunity to tuck into some real good home cooked comfort food (very satisfying but still reasonably healthy so you dont feel full of regret after 🙂 )

    good luck on the 9th if i don’t happen to see you and see you on the losers bench:hug:


    I must admit I did take advantage of the fact I could be milk free for 2 days and had a lovely dinner with pudding – another last supper lol!! Strange thing was I felt quite guilty afterwards and wished I hadn’t done it. Now I’m back on the milk diet and counting the days till next week.


    Good luck Lynn

    Hope your heat rash has cleared up.

    Sally Bailey

    Andy, I love your Ticker factory images!!!

    Sally Bailey

    Hi Lynn

    What a total bummer! I used to get those awful rashes pre op. They can be so sore can’t they? Oh well, 6 days to go my lovely. Hope you are enjoying the good weather and a little break from the milk diet 😉

    Sally x

    ps Good Luck xxx


    Thanks all. x

    Ms Ellie

    As the others have said lyn better to be safe than sorry, good luck!

    Much love Ellie xx

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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