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    Hi everyone, hope you are all well, i had my bypass on thursday all went well and now i am home and on thed to slimfinity as buzz would say

    love karen xxx

    and a big thank you to the lovely Chris Pring


    Aha, worries over, your home and safe.
    So now its time to relax, recover and begin to get used to the new life…..

    Get comfy, potter, drink plenty but above all relax..

    Glad your home, its all going to start happening very quickly, you will see results real soon.
    Watch out for the warning signs and just take things slow, the first month is the hardest and then you will begin to find it all fits into place real soon….

    Welcome home, welcome to the losers bench, cuddle up… theirs room… and lots of us here for you.

    Well done and congratulations on what will be a new begining, full of wows and wonderful moments…

    Cant wait to hear……

    Buzz x

    pink lady

    Ah great karen. Well done. Now just relax and welcome to the losers bench. Love Pinks. X


    Aaaahhh the lloovveellyy Chris…….. :love: :love:

    Pleased everything went okay. Enjoy the puree diet like I am. :high5:


    Hi Karen,

    That is great news, as Buzz says take it easy but keep moving and pottering and keep us up to date with how your getting on.

    Only 5 more sleeps for me. But now you have given me even more confidence. Enjoy your sleep and a lay in tonight in your own bed.

    To slimfinity and beyond and shuffle up on that bench for me on Thursday.

    Take care, don’t run before you can walk, this is the start of your new life so baby steps xxx


    this forum should be called ‘Loser Forum’!!


    Hello x
    Glad to hear all went well and that you are home. Must be feeling so excited about the slim times to come, well done you xx.
    Like all our great buddies on here have said, just take things easy and now you can relax, no more worry! xxxx.


    Welcome Home and now to the new you. That is fantastic as everyone says take it easy don’t run before you can walk. Glad all went well for you. We have all moved up the Losers bench for you.

    Love and Hugs from one loser to another.


    thank you so much everyone… i am doing everything i have been told.. eating my puree, drinking my fluids… belching and erm trumping for england…. you were all right the staff at strichards are bloody fantastic…. Chris Pring was so nice and such a great people person……. the theatre staff were lovely and had me at ease straight away…… the care i recieved after was well there are just not enough words to say how greatfull and amazed at those people who looked after me and the others who had the op well all so happy lovely people… those with ops just around the corner you will all be fine….. and thank you for welcoming me to the loosers bench … i really feel like you are all an extention of my family xxxxxxx


    We are a family! the Losers and the Losers to be!! Even more than that, we all just except each other for what great people we all are.

    After all, would your BURP and FART in front of just anyone :-)) ?????? Keep it up as that will make you much more comfortable (not looking forward to that, especially as I will have a houseful, Oh well they will just have to deal with it won’t they!!)

    Well done and take care xxxxxx


    hi mandi, i dont care who is about when i burp and fart at the moment lol it has to come out, i really do feel quite well and i am surprised, i am moving around and resting in between but making sure i keep moving even went to little tescos today to get some bits with hubby… o really am very positive and when he wanted mcdonalds cheese burger (bless him he hasnt eaten properly since thursday lol and he has no weight issues ) the smell acrually made me feel quite ill and i am looking forward to my purreed shepherds pie

    love karen xxxx


    Well I have been a busy bee today.

    Blitzed the downstairs toilet and utility room on my hands and knees cleaning them and sorting cupboards out. Taken my puppy on 3 walks ( or should I say dragged him round, he hasn’t got the message he is the one supposed to make me take him for a walk!!) cooked roast chicken dinner and extra veg which I have puréed down and frozen. Had to borrow some ice cube trays to I have stars and arrows shaped swede and carrot 🙂

    My mum is also busy freezing down some soups for me as well so hopefully I will be organised for when I get home. busy week only 4 more sleeps and three evenings and two of those I will be out so hopefully that should keep me out of mischief and occupied.

    So glad your doing ok and moving about, I am sure that is helping you but make sure you rest up to and let it all heal and settle as your don’t want it to take any longer to get well. You have your new life to get on with. Well done you are so positive I am sure that is helping to.

    Take care and speak soon xx


    Welcome home!! Welcome,also,to the Losing side. Happy healing. xx


    When it comes to belching and farting, I never needed any help for it before the operation……. I am doing it still. Even though it is three weeks since the operation. I was farting three times more then I was beforehand……. I just blame it on the operation and and anti-acid tablets!!!!


    thank you carer it is great to be on the other side so to speak.

    i know what you mean helen, although the smell is a bit much lol

    how are going with food? i seem to be fine at the moment doing everything i am told xx karen

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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