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    i dont know if im just a greedy pig or there is something terribly wrong but im continuously hungry and cant seem to satisfy my this normal after by three months post op now and it dosnt seem to be getting any easier,i feel like a complete failure .is this just head hunger im feeling or something else .please if anyone else is experiencing feelings similar to this contact me,before i go insane.thanks


    Hi haven’t had my op yet so can’t be much help but are you losing weight?

    What about uping your fluid intake that seems to help some people from what I have read. maybe put up a list of what you eat each day and they will see if they can come up with any thing to help.

    Sorry can’t be any more help but I am sure one of the guys will be.

    Take care.


    Hi Maw,
    I kind of have the same thing, I am 4 1/2 months post op. I asked the dietician and she said to increase the texture which helps you feel fuller if you have to eat slowly to chew everything properly. You can also full up on water etc. I also snack on melon when I do feel hungry.
    Hope that helps a little.


    thankyou for the advice ,im trying to drink as much water as i can,but its making me pee like theres no tomorrow

    Ms Ellie

    @maw 10498 wrote:

    i dont know if im just a greedy pig or there is something terribly wrong but im continuously hungry and cant seem to satisfy my this normal after by three months post op now and it dosnt seem to be getting any easier,i feel like a complete failure .is this just head hunger im feeling or something else .please if anyone else is experiencing feelings similar to this contact me,before i go insane.thanks

    It may be head hunger are you having your 3 meals a day plus your snacks 2/3??? if in doubt contact your team they will be glad to helpand advise you good luck xxxx


    Im STARVING all the time 23 months post op
    its scarey stuff
    best of luck


    Hi All,
    I am just about 4 weeks post op (bypass) and I am really struggling to eat, I just don’t feel hungry any more and I am having to force myself myself to eat at meal times, it is just like the day after the op when you can only manage about half a teaspoon full. Has anyone else had this. In a good way I have gone from where I could eat all day to where I could go all day without eating.
    Help please, any suggestions. xx

    miss missy
    Member 6 weeks post op and really feel you cos i felt like that just after i got home from my op and i panicked thinking would feel that way sounds like it should be a nice way to feel but it really isnt.i really dont have an answer but i suspect youll get some good ones.just wanted to let you know that i sympathise with struggling over so many things but wont go into that as its boring.xxxx


    Hi Ganny

    Sorry to hear your struggling abit. I am the same im never hungry breakfast is just not happening for me I have to force it down and then takes me a couple of hours to get over that lunch is ok but still not even half a tin of soup but dinner I am lot better Im not hungry but I do look forward to it and seem to eat fairly well (normally 1 small tin on beans) but know how you feel I could easily go all day with out eating but obviously I dont do that I try to have my 3 meals and maybe 1 snack but tend to forget it.

    I dunno why either just letting you know your not alone!

    Did your appointment at Loxwood change to the 9th May instead mine and Sonia’s did?


    Hang in there all, believe me it gets easier as time goes on. Your all still in the very early stages. But as the weeks and months pass you will eat more an more and you will start to enjoy food once more. It’s a journey with a fantastic ending …. One step at a time!! I’m now 11 an half stone from nearly 20 stone and enjoy my food just as I did before but less of it!! xxxx keep smiling xxx


    Hi Ganny sweetie,

    Isnt it weird….. the feeling you could go without or never eat again. Who would ever have imagined….
    Thing is, the insides take some time to heal and while the scars of the operation heal very quickly the inards take so much longer…
    I often thought I was not eating or drinking enough, the minute portions wont sustain me?? It made me laugh and sometimes a little sad..

    Thing is, it is too easy to just forget, to miss meals and to not drink your quota, but its not good.

    Missing meals and going without can put the body into starvation mode.
    It is important at this stage (and possibly forever more) to find a routine and eat regularlly whether your hungry or not.
    You need to be drinking to hydrate.

    So very little gets absorbed now which is why it is important to concentrate on protien….

    It will get easier Ganny hun, honest it will, it just takes a little time and things becomme a little easier.
    For now you must try…..

    Missing meals could result in stalls and plateaus where weight loss comes to a stand still..

    NOT EATING is not the way too loose weight, its unhealthy starvation…lol..

    Please try, your reap the rewards I promise 😉

    Buzz xxx

    Sally Bailey

    Hi Ganny
    I was like that for ages – had to be reminded to eat! I now eat regularly but probably only just enough to keep me out of starvation mode. I do enjoy food again but never EVER want to go back to being obsessed by it. It’s fantastic to not have to worry about food anymore. Before it was ‘What/when am I going to eat next’ whereas now I just eat when I should and make (mostly) good healthy choices.
    The early stages are so hard because the changes to your system are forcing you to change the way you think and feel. I used to think it was like being taken prisoner but I very soon realised that I wasn’t a prisoner but in fact the guard! I am now in control for the first time in my life – it’s a fantastic feeling which you will soon discover. Just take each day as it comes. You have the rest of your (happy, healthy) life to adapt.
    I wish you all the luck in the world
    Sally xx


    Hi all, 3.5 weeks post op…can relate to so much of what has been written above…never feeling hungry, forgetting to eat and drink…my biggest problem now is the terrible itching around my belly and wound sites!!!!…driving me crazy…had my dressings removed yesterday by Veila in clinic and saw the dietician too…all very positive but gotta continue on pureed diet for two more weeks…lost 32 pound since surgery and clothes are becomming a problem…never been shopping for clothes in my life…any suggestions?


    Hi Kris,
    The itching drove me mad as well but it is a good sign that all is healing. My problem is now that I am making myself eat the thought and the look of food just makes me feel sick and more so after I have eaten and drunk. I have had to go back on to mashed food as my stomach does not like crunchy food and it won’t tolerate the tiniest bit of fat ie low fat spread. Clothes my advice is go into places like Matalan where the clothes are a lot cheaper as it is pointless buying expensive stuff all the time the weight is coming off, charity shops are another good place to look, I am 4 weeks post op and have lost 36lbs so far and clothes are beginning to hang on me as well but I do have a wardrobe full of clothes in various sizes that I can fall back into for the time being.
    Elaine xx

    sonia kidman

    Hi Elaine

    I have started being sick every evening I am fine during the day but after 10 mins or so I get this horrible pressure and I am sick everything I have eatten for tea it just don’t stay down.

    I am ok if I have a cracker with a little bit of samon but anything else just seems to set me off.I have to say most of my food is still soft not puree but soft.

    I hope you are feeling better,I have to say I am still itching and I am so glad to read that I am not the only one god sometimes I feel like I am going to rip my skin off it is so itchy.

    Anyway hope you are well
    Sonia x x x x

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 65 total)
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