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How long after surgery before I return to work?

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    Ms Ellie

    Hi there what is it your having done??? Usually bypass any thing from 2/4 weeks and the band anything between 1/2 weeks but remember we all take to the surgery differently good luck xxxx


    I had my operation on the 20th December and I am still off work. My sick note runs out on the 12th February. Which is a week on Saturday. I am seeing my GP on the Friday. I cannot see myself going back to work. As, I do not feel strong enough and I do not feel ready to go back to work. As I am still getting alot of pain underneath my left ribs, feeling weak and flop at times. As I have got a very physical job. Where I am changing curtains (five panel curtains, which are massive heavy curtains), moving beds, going up and down ladders, using scrubbing machines etc. So, I am know how physical my job is etc. I do not want to go back until I am 110% fit and ready.


    I don’t work but am 3 1/2 weeks post op and did 5 mins on my cross trainer yesterday and then 15 mins on the cycling thing on the wii fit yesterday and felt the deep inside stitch feeling under my left rib and knew I’d over done it slightly as I had the feeling most of the day so know I’m not ready to rotovate the allotment yet!!!


    On Monday, I am returning to work for the first time. Even though I have popped in to see my manager and Occ Health a few times. Am going back on rehab hours and lighter duties. Will be doing rehab/reduced hours for a few weeks….

    I did say to my boss, if there were any chance I could be off work permantly with her still paying me. But for some reason she didn’t agree with me. Which I think is not fair!!!!


    Hi Helen

    I went back to work yesterday, Monday, too. Also on reduced hours for about two week and boy is it hard. I was so tired yesterday, after only four hours that my hubby agreed to chauffeur me to work and back, (just to be on the safe side). But it’s a gaol achieved and today I did the same hours but drove myself.

    My problem is, because I’m wearing the same clothes nobody has noticed that I’ve lost 2 stone so far and I am finding it a little depressing but it will come I have no doubt!!!

    I also asked my line manager if I could work from home, I have a computer won’t take much for the company to hook me up !!! but I got a resounding no back, spoil sports.

    Anyway Helen, hope all goes well for you.

    Take care



    I have been back at work for a week now. It hasn’t been too bad. Last week the front middle of my stomach where they make the middle camera/keyhole cut. But I am feeling good. though


    What do you say to people you don’t want to know you had surgery when you see them almost every week during lunch time. I can’t be I’ll every time I see her. She is elderly and wouldn’t understand and would be very worried.


    How about just saying that you are trying to cut back and eat more healthily? It’s not a lie ;-))

    Doodah x

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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