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hot chocolate yes or no????

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    hiya everyone hope all is well and good 🙂

    question im hoping someone will help me with………..

    i dont really drink tea or coffee and used to drink hot chocolate if i did want a hot drink but now i dont know if i can drink it after havin a g.bypass 6mth ago????
    do any of u guys drink it or do it have to be highlights or is it a complete NO NO as i dnt want no dumping syndrome 🙁



    Hiya I’ve had cocoa with some sweetener in it . That’s been fine .

    Katherine . X x

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    I have options and is fine just can’t drink a whole mug as it’s abit much for me so just a few sips to get that sweet kick.



    I too have cocoa with sweetner in it and it is fine.

    How much have you lost now Pompey girl???? We were done about the same time I seem to remember.


    thank u everyone il have to have a lil tester on both 🙂

    i have lost 10st 6lb so far im soooo pleased with it i have a whole new life

    ive not suffered any side effects atall ive been so lucky (touch wood lol)

    hope ur doin well and good xxxx

    ruby tuesday

    Well done on your weight loss pompey gal, and how wonderful not to have had any side effects either, you must feel completely different, and look it too! xx

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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