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Hope I am not asking something inappropriate ….

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    I would be grateful for the opinion of people who are suffering from obesity re eating habits.
    My daughter is waiting for bypass … no date yet … might take a while but
    she definitely over eats and eats wrong kind of food which certainly caused this obesity.
    She would say she can’t stop until she feels full. Selection of food is also carb and fat
    rich and in big portion. My Q is …. do most people have this mega/wrong appetite and
    bypass will control this?? What happens if she does not get dumping syndrome after
    over eating (post op time)? Please tell me …. I keep worrying.


    I think nearly everyone overweight and obese have issues with food and their eating habits. Nobody would chose to get to the stage they need surgery to help break the cycle. When we get to that stage it is very hard to do it alone any more and the surgery gives us the support and a tool to help put a stop to the behaviours that got us here. It’s not a magic pill and it won’t change us over night but many people find it helps curb over eating as it’s hard to fit very much in the new stomach. Most people are far less hungry, if they get hungry at all and everyone gets full up much quicker. Dumping syndrome doesn’t happened if we over eat, we are more likely to be sick instead but it happens if you eat too much sugar or sometimes fat. This can help for people who find fat and sugar a problem as it works as a deterrent to avoid those foods. A bypass won’t be the answer for everyone and you do have to work with it to make a real go of it but it can help people lose a great amount of weight and regain control of there lives. Support is essential so I think your daughter will do great with a mum like you who cares so much about her. I’m sure more people who are further down the line than me will give you some more reassurance 🙂


    Dear Shelleymarie,
    Very kind of you to reply with reassurance. Thank you so much.
    I have written again in reply to your thread with this same query before I cheked in here, sorry.
    Congrats again for doing sooo well. Your updates will be so helpful.


    Hi Zinc,
    Everyone I think that has had WLS asks the same questions. It is not a magic pill that you take and wake up thin but a tool that you have been given to work with, I still go to Weight Watchers as I still have a few more pounds to lose and I am follwing their programme and as I get weighed every week it helps keep me on track. I found that the bypass has taken away my hunger and I won’t say I never feel hungry but I rarely do and it has broken the habit of over eating because I know that if I do and there has been times when I have pushed that extra one or two mouthfuls down that I really know I shouldn’t that boy am I going to suffer for it, foaming and eventually being sick and that and the pain can go on for hours, very good to stop you from over eating again, as for dumping I do get that only after eating to much fat or sugar and just recently fruit as I was taking in to much fruit and I overloaded my system with it and it sent my insulin levels out of control, so I have cut back on my fruit and I am back to normal.
    Hope this helps.
    Elaine x

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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