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    Hi guys

    Came home last night 🙂 so nice to be here feeling ok just a little sore deep inside my tum. Finding this eating lark a strange thing as just do not feel hungry or even feel any desire to eat anything which is really alien to me but have made the effort to eat a little as I do want a speedy recovery. Feel swollen so will avoid the scales for a while but sure I will soon be shouting from the roof top my losses lol 😉

    Summer (aka Lianne) x

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    Hi summer
    Glad you are home, and all is well. Remember slow and steady wins the race. Keep your fluids up, if not eating much. Take care

    ruby tuesday

    welcome home, it is strange not to feel hungry, and an effort to try to keep drinking too, but important to help the food move through the body, so try hard to keep water by you all the time. Look forward to hearing how it is all going. xx


    Glad you are home now, get lots of rest and as others have said fluids are essential, can’t wait to follow your journey.

    Nettie xx


    Well done . Fluids a must I didn’t and got bunged up !!

    See you at support group soon .


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    Hi Summer

    Welcome home and congrats. As everyone else has said, keep your fluids up and the rest will come evenutally, we’re all here for you and been there and done it, as well as the excellent staff at Chichester.

    Keep well and enjoy the rest.



    Hi Summer
    Glad it went well I was going to pop up and see you as I was there on the Wednesday for my pre op but had to get back home for a doctors appointment as we both got bitten to death by sand flies on holiday and came up in big lumps. I’m hoping that I shall be well enough to pop in for the next meeting although I won’t be able to drive Jason will bring me up.


    hi , i will be having the bypass op very soon just waiting for a date !! went to first visit last friday (16th) said op will be in next couple of months .how soon after visit did u get date ?did you do milk diet ?and what hospital? sorry for all the question -only just joined this site .glad you are at home -how did you find op and was u in there long?…….tia


    Hi Luckylady

    I had my op at Chichester with the very fabulous Mr Slater I was in on the Tues home on the Thurs 🙂 and feeling great a bit tired of course but great. They like to do your op in 18 weeks from the date of referral, I was a bit longer as I had a holiday booked and they were very accommodating with that. I did the milk diet for 2 weeks which was ok as I knew my weight loss journey had began and my op was imminent. Good luck with your journey it truly is an amazing experience already and I’m a newbie really you will get some great support and advice on here.

    Summer xxx

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    ruby tuesday

    Hi Summer,

    How are you doing? xx

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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