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    We are off to Eygpt for some sun in November, I will be 18 weeks post bypass, anyone have any hints on how to avoid tummy troubles……..

    Not really worried about overeating as holiday is usually one time of the year i used to loose a few pounds (always opposite to most people lol), but more worried about picking up tummy bugs, what to do or take if I do etc.

    Thanks guys, any thoughts welcome


    My advice is to ensure you are vaccinated with holiday imms by practice nurse at your surgery.
    Avoid the ice in drinks, only drink bottled water and take some things with you. I.e. ready brek or weetabix.
    Crackers and melba toast also would be good. I am off on hols tomorrow and these are what I am taking.
    Will also take the normal things for upset tummy etc and senna in case the other way!!
    Most of all ensure you enjoy yourself xx


    Agree with Brains.

    No ice (not even in the G & T’s!!). Bottled water only – but ensure that the seal is still in tact. I have been to Egypt a few times (not since my bypass though), but stick to the food I know and was simply sensible with where I ate etc. I also avoided anything raw like salad simply because I wasn’t sure how it was washed etc (I saw people drinking from the Nile, so I guess it can’t be all bad!).

    Oh, my guide told me to clean my hands after handling the money (it is quite grubby) – I just took a little bottle of hand sanitizer. Not sure if that is just being way too cautious, but I did it!

    Never had any problems…

    Lucky thing – have a fabulous time (and you Brains, wherever you are heading).



    Hi SJ

    Off to Paris on a surprise trip a present from my daughters to celebrate my 50th xx
    Nervous as first time away since bypass but sure everythig will be fine.
    Everyone on the forum enjoy the lovely weather here whilst I am away xx

    Big Rob

    Anyone know how long it is before you can Fly on a long haul flight, post gastric bypass????


    I would give it 4 weeks but it is more about how long you can sit still for and what you eat during the flight and if you are comfortable being away from help should you need it.
    But a holiday would help anyone to recover ๐Ÿ™‚


    I went to Egypt and ended up with upset tummy. Take some anti diarrhoea medication and even a couple of sachets of Diauralite for fluid replacement. Having said that, it was worth it, the diving and snorkelling is the best in the world!
    Go enjoy, wish I could come with you ๐Ÿ™‚



    I was about 3 months out before trotting off to China…… that was out of personal choice.
    Just make sure you have your meds (include some antacids for emergencies).
    You could opt for a diabetic menu, that way you can pick what you want and get a lot more time to muster through it as it usually comes first……
    Otherwise a few nuts to nibble on if your up to that stage.

    Try not to worry, your eating will be a little irratic for a few months…


    Buzz x


    Hi Moonie,
    Everyone has the same sort of suggestions…. bottled water plenty of it…
    Otherwise I would be sure to pack some antacids….. with everything else…
    Oh and a print of what you have had done, a little picture (laminated) it saves trying to explain….


    Buzz xx


    thank you all so much, great advice. Already booked in for jabs, and have some advice from streamliner, have a copy of leter from Mr pring to my GP to take with me too so it explains it a bit in case i get into difficulties but like the idea of a pic too!
    Its been 10 years since i went on hols to somewhere that is considered ‘dodgy’ with regards to food ๐Ÿ™‚ so the food advice is very much welcome.

    Cheers guys

    Ms Ellie

    @Big Rob 9129 wrote:

    Anyone know how long it is before you can Fly on a long haul flight, post gastric bypass????

    You planning on going somewhere????

    Big Rob

    Yeah I was going to go to Las Vegas for two weeks this Friday, but will leave it till after 12 weeks, so my eating etc is better and I can manage normal foods.


    Las Vegas!!!! Niiiiice ๐Ÿ™‚

    To be honest Rob, a lady that had her bypass the same day as me flew off on holiday just a few days after her op, was back in time for our 2 week check and was fine – as the others have said, its not really the flight that would be an issue just how comfortable you are with negotiating the food at this stage.

    If you do decide to go, have a great time! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Toni Russo

    Check that your insurance covers you for complications that might be related to the operation. I have a friend who had an attack of gallstones in the USA and had emergency surgery. When the insurance company found out that she had had a band a year earlier, hey refused to pay up saying post WLS increases the chance of stones and she didn’t declare it as a condition.


    :usa:If you dont make Las Vegas this time round you must go at a later stage. I have been twice. Amazing place. You will have so much fun its craazzzyy!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 42 total)
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