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    @Fionajeweller 32758 wrote:

    Various things I have eaten during the puree stage that might help. Cauliflower cheese purees well, I also bought the red lentil and bacon soup from M&S which lasted lots of meals for me, but it was full of protein and had a good taste. Porridge and mashed banana; yogurt and pureed apple. I have realised I have been in the hibernation zone for the last 4-5 weeks and have had very little energy. I have had very supportive family around me and friends, but it has felt such a strain and I have struggled to share their enthusiasm. Having lost 2 stone already since the milk diet I feel great as far as weight loss, and so it is definitely working, but I have felt so low as I have not had much energy. I would go for a dog walk and then need to sleep! However, reading the initial post has made me realise this is normal and today I feel there might be an end to all the depression and that is is the result of the op.

    Be kind to yourself, your body is healing inside and although the scars on the outside are small your internal scars are bigger and it needs to heal. Find a box set and allow yourself rest … as a mum we do not allow ourselves to rest much but sometime you have too. It will get better – and that is someone who is just a little further along.

    As Mums, we always put ourselves last. Now is the time to put yourself first – even if it is just for 6 months. It’s not being selfish as you will get stronger more quickly. then you will be out and about with them having more fun than you ever dreamed possible. Do this for yourself – everyone else will benefit in the long run 🙂

    Doodah x

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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