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Hi I’m a newbie can anyone answer any of my questions please?

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    Hello evryone
    I attended a a Streamline Surgery information evening last night. I am considering having a gastirc band fitted and from what I understood of the information given, I think this is probably the one that I am best suited to, however I have read that many people who have had the band later have it removed and then opt for the bypass.
    I’m a female aged 43, have no diagnosed health problems as yet, 5’4″ and weighing 17 and a half stone wearing 22-24 size clothes. I would be happy to reach a size 12/14 as I’ rather be curvey than really thin.
    My eating habits are – often miss breakfast, sandwich and packet of crisps at work in the daytime and sometimes biscuits or a choccy bar if they are there. In the evening I will have a dinner (portion size is manly), sometimes a pudding or chocolate. I don’t really graise all day and I don’t binge til I fell sick. If I do have chocolate it is usually family size.
    All of the ladies sharing their story last night had bypasses so I would like to hear from others who have had the band too please. Sorry my post is so long


    Hello talula

    I had my band done privately here in taunton, last Oct… So just over 3months ago. My loss to date is 2 and 1/2 stone. I have no regrets, but it is not all plain sailing. You sound similar to me, but i was 19.1 when i started, i’m 5’7 , and i too have a sweet tooth…. I’m sorry to say, that this isn’t the golden ticket…. It is a tool, so willpower and changes have to be part of the journey too. This can be a challenge for me at times. I have reached the stage were i know exercise has to start to keep things on track.

    As for bypass, you will find many people on here who will give you helpful advice. I think this is a personal choice for everyone…. For me a bypass was too much, like you i have no medical problems , but i do have a young son that i have to transport to school etc etc. i have no family that could help during the recovery time, and to be honest it seemed too drastic for me….. But that is me….. I have heard that some poeple have turned to bypass later in their journey, and i guess i will deal with that, if or when that happens. I suppose i’m hoping to of changed my relationship with food by then……. But who ever knows.

    Talk to as many people you need too, which every way you go, you have to do this for yourself…. What s right for me, might be wrong for you. Knowledge is power, so be prepared. Good luck, and keep in touch.



    Hi Tulula, welcome, i have had a bypass. I found that the dietitian when i spoke to her really helped. What i would say is be very honest about eating habits and they can advise you of the best option for you. I am happy with my choice a difficult one at the time but at 5 stone down in 12 weeks i am happy.


    Hi Talula

    I was the lady speaker last night at the seminar and i’m so glad you found this website and have asked some questions. As i told you, we’re a friendly bunch on here and i’m sure there will be more people along to tell you of their experiences before too long.

    Keep asking your questions and do plenty of research. It’ll help you in the long run with making your decision.

    Good luck and keep us posted
    Tinks xx


    Hi , you sound like me , i thought the same bypass to drastic , but after talking it through , decided to go for the bypass , but ended up having the sleeve 7 weeks ago , have no regrets at all , the sleeve works fab for me , not as drastic as bypass and no worries of fills as you do with the band , x x


    Hi talula. You are the same height and start weight at me. I wanted a band but when I found our more info I went for a bypass. I had it done 7 months ago and now weigh 11 stone (having lost just over 6 and a half stone) and am wearing size 14/16 with some more weight to lose. The week before my op I couldn’t get my size 24 jeans done up and was wearing size 28 tops! I was a grazer in the evenings and like you would miss breakfast but I would just make the next meals bigger and lots of those were take aways!! I opted for bypass as was told it was the best for my eating habits and am so glad that I did. I had no willpower do really don’t think a band would have worked for me! Good luck with you research. This really is the best place to do it.


    Luckyflower. You’ll have to wear a flower at the next meet so I know who you are with a 5 stone loss now!! Well done am so so pleaded for you xx



    Hi Talula. I’m the person who did the meeting and greeting at the seminar!

    If you’d like, I could contact the lady that Guy Slater talked about who has lost 11 stones with a a band. She usually comes along to our seminars to speak but had a prior engagement on Tueday. If you inbox me with your email address, I will forward it to her for you. She is a wealth of knowledge and experience you could tap!

    Don’t worry, your confidentiality will be strictly observed ;-))


    (Sue Smith)


    Thank you everyone for your information xx


    Thanks everyone. Can you tell me how you cope with cravings? i.e. chocolate and sweet stuff in particular. Also I have been a yo yo dieter since senior school and tried many methods of weight lose over the the years. Most succesfully was weight watchers however i usually lose 2 and half stone and then it’s almost like a race to put the the weight back on again. Will surgery be able to help with this?? thank Talula


    Hi talula
    I very rarely get hunger pangs… And i have a very sweet tooth like you….

    To be honest it is in our heads…. At the moment i’m never hungry first thing in the morning, it gets me about 10 am, so i try and do something sensible then. Lunch can be anything from soup, to small pasta pot with salad or small jacket pot.. I would usually have a biscuit mid afternoon. Dinner can be anything from chicken and veg to a w/w meal , low fat sausage and mash etc etc. then i will have a slimfast choc bar in the evening (not every night) ….. I’m sure you get the idea.

    In the past, my usual day would be 2 toast, mid morning snack… lunch… Big shop sandwich, choc bar, crisps…. Tea … Anything with chips… And every evening i would rewards myself with choc bar and crisps…… I cant say i dont miss some of that, but i’ve changed what i buy…. So slimfast choc bar, (boots) shaper crisps…. And i do try to do a treat every other day. But i gues it is willpower too,

    In the beginning i was told i was 7 and 1/2 stone overweight, but i told myself i wanted to lose 5 stone, and i’m half way there. I still want to live and enjoy the naughty things from time to time….. When we go out and eat i pick different things….. Sure i would love to tuck into a big burger, but i couldn’t eat it, so i just dont think of it. All swings and roundabouts, the band helps to a point, and then you have to take over.

    I went and bought some trousers in m+s yesterday (size 20) , and they were loose, but an 18 too tight… Also got a lovely linen spring top (size20). 3 months ago that would of been size 22/24 trousers and a 26 top.



    Just a quick word agreeing that the hunger is ‘all in the head’. Nasty thing!


    Hello not had surgery yet but seen my surgeon
    Agreed on a band. I weight 21stone clothes
    Size 26. I have no health problems but I use food
    To coping at times. just waiting on my date very excited.
    It’s a big decision to make.


    Sincerely hope all goes very well for you. Anything specific you need to know?


    Hi Talula,

    I had the band done at Xmas and thought nothing had changed for me but that was because I was not working with the band. My food binging has now stopped and I now know that its me that need too take control of my life and eating habits the band helps with the ‘controlling’ side of things.

    I know its not going to be a quick fix with having a band, hard work and changing eating habits will add to the success. If you are not a grazer or you do not eat chocolate frequently then the band should be a good option. I have heard that with the gastric bypass, you just need to eat and your body makes you stop when you are full…. but it also means that sometimes you get the ‘dumping’ feeling which means you may not be able to eat chocolate – I felt this was too drastic for me as I enjoy having a guilty pleasure every now and again. My husband also felt that not being able to indulge on sweet things would be a very big change for us all and he would not have felt comfortable if I couldnt eat something the entire family was having. He liked the idea of the band as it meant smaller portions and also because I had to work at it! Not to say people with the gastric bypass, do not work hard. He just felt for me, I had to ensure I changed my eating patterns as they were very unhealthy. I guess after having two kids I just got bogged down in making sure the family was okay and forgot to look after myself. Having the band makes me look after myself – does this make sense.

    Okay, I am going to go… but do think very carefully and please speak to one of their consultants they are so friendly. It really is a big decision so also speak to family and see what they think, even a friend to get another opinion. Tell them how you are feeling and why having surgery to lose weight if the way forward for you.

    Good luck


    Hello everyone
    I just wanted to thank you again for all your comments and let you know that I have seen Mr Somers and my gastric band surgery is booked for 5th March. I was really nervous about it before I saw Mr Somers. Now I’m just excited, although I’m sure the nerves may return on the day lol.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 42 total)
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