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    Hi All
    I hope someone finds this post, as I found it quite hard to find where to introduce myself, anyway I am 1 week post op ( gastric Bypass )
    It would be really great to chat and swap tips advice etc with like-minded people.
    Not sure what else to say really dont want to look like a rambler on.
    really looking forward to hearing back from someone and learning how this all works
    Rae ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Congratulations on your surgery!

    I can’t help hugely as I’m having mine done tomorrow! I can always try and help once I’m done. Lol

    I’m sure someone will be along to help you soon!

    Just watch out for your replies!

    Good luck!



    Hi RaeRae

    As you can see, the forum and website have had an overhaul and we are trying to make it as easy as possible to negotiate your way around!

    How are you doing after your first week? Are you able to eat ok? The only bit of advice I would give so early on is to remember to sip, sip, sip water all day. Not only is it a great healer but being hydrated adequately just makes life easier in general, especially after any type of gastric surgery. It will help with any residual consipation and keep nausea at bay too(nausea is often caused by dehydration as are headaches)

    Can’t wait to hear all about it. Please feel free to ask absolutely anything. I, for one, am not shy at all and nothing you ask will embarrass me ie wind, toilet habits etc!!

    Welcome to the friendliest place around. You will get nothing but support, friendship and advice on here ๐Ÿ™‚

    Doodah x


    Hi RaeRae well done and welcome. This is a great place to find help and support. I know it helped me through my early days. Don’t be afraid to ask anything! As Doodah says keep your flluid intake up and I would say listen to your body and rest when you need to and don’t overdo things for the first few weeks. You can look forward to a healthier happier life. Elaine x


    Superb advice Elaine, as always x


    Hi Ladies
    Thank you so much for your replies, I feel quite well a little issue with water as it seems to hurt when it goes down, which is really strange, so I must admit this has been putting me off and I have not been drinking as much as I know I should. I have been really lucky no nausea, but that could be to do with the fact that I am able to eat really small amounts, not because of difficulty but just because I don’t want to at all, my appetite seems to have completely gone my husband keeps saying have you eaten, so I seem to be managing third of a tin of soup and 1 small yoghurt daily, cant face weetabix or readybreak, so at the moment I am drinking milky coffee for breakfast as well as through the day. Hopefully the appetite will come back just a little otherwise I may end up skin and bone LOL.
    I do get quite tired so am not exercising to much a bit of walking but that’s about it to be honest at the moment. Looking forward to when I can climb mountains LOL.
    I do get quite a bit of pain if I burp and hiccup, and I try anything to suppress sneezing cause that hurt like hell so don’t want to do to much of that. Apart from that all feels fine I am getting more pain from the Fragmin injections that are bruised and become raised and hard. Cant wait for that to stop.
    I was also going to ask if anyone advices me to get an emergency something like bracelet or dogtags as I have seen post about airways and medication if god forbid i am in an accident, if yes what exactly should i get put on it.
    Sharlotte i wish you all the best for your op and look forward to speaking to you after.
    Looking forward to hearing from everyone.


    Hi again RaeRae

    If you are feeling ok, just keep doing what you are doing but please try to keep your fluids up – the milk does count but nothing is as good as plain old H2O!

    As for exercise, walking is absolutely perfect at this stage, so don’t feel that you have to do more.

    Trust your body to tell you what you can and can’t do – like sneezing!

    Quite a few people have medicalert bracelets/necklaces/dogtags. I have ordered one and mine will say RNY Gastric Bypass and Asthma: just to be on the safe side. Are you managing to take your multi vitamins and minerals? They can be bought in liquid form to help with the swallowing issue in the early days. It’s really important that you take them when you have little or no appetite.

    My goodness, I hope you don’t think I sound like your Mum haha!? Be kind to yourself and enjoy this brand new life you will see coming round the corner in a few weeks ;-))

    Doodah x


    Lol No worries Mums advice is always best. I am not to start vits for another week, but have just spoken to my dietitian who also says I am not eating enough so she has advised some mash and liver pate so that might be quite nice.
    I am so glad I came on to here and would love to me more involved in due course.


    Hi just joined have never done this before, I am still trying to suss things out. I have my first consultation Oct 15th hoping for a bypass. I feel a bit out of my depth and am hoping to gain a few buddies along with advice on the best way to cope with milk diet.


    Hi Cupcake and welcome to our little gang of friendly ‘voices’.

    Go ahead and ask anything you like – no matter how obvious or simple you might think it is. I for one am not in the least bit shy and will answer truthfully any ‘delicate’ matter you need to know about.

    The milk diet will be much easier than you expect as it’s only for a limited amount of time and the reason for doing it is so critical. We now refer to it as the ‘liver shrinkage diet’ as that’s exactly what it is for. This in turn makes things much easier for the surgeon to get to your stomach as the liver will be so much smaller and won’t get ‘in the way’ as much. So, knowing that you are making things easier and safer all round will spur you on.

    I’m posting two links that will help you to be better prepared and give you fab ideas. One is the superb bariatric cookbooks by Carol Ball and the other is to the Bariatrics Megastore where you can buy almost everything you can think of to make both the milk diet and after the most pleasant it can be (sugar free heaven!)

    So, welcome, welcome, welcome and keep posting and reading ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Return to Slender, the UK’s first bariatric cookery book | Bariatric Cookery

    Bariatrics megastore

    Carol Ball also does a free monthly newsletter which you can sign up for. Great holiday and special occasion food ideas ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Doodah x


    Hi Doodah, feeling better already. I have so many questions I could keep you busy for ages. Obviously as I havnt had my initial consult so I will have to wait for some of the answers. If accepted I am a revision case I expect to pay for my bypass and have been told to expect the usual price and a few thousand extra. Do you get to choose your hospital ?I know if you request Shaw Somers that is also extra. I have my consult with him 15th Oct just wondering how long I will have to wait. I am still new to this but having read some of the comments you seem to be pretty much everyones Fairy Godmother and have provided loads of support and advice which I find really comforting.


    Price List – Gastric Band & Bypass Operations | Streamline Surgical

    Here you go my lovely. Follow this link to our website price list. Almost everything you need to know is on our brand spanking new website but if you find ANYTHING at all confusing or unclear, just get back to me ok? I have access to the wonderful Streamline Surgical team so, as with everything in life, what I don’t know (loads) I can ask.

    I have a wealth of experience as a past patient but I’m not a clinician/health care professional so any medical/technical or even financial info has to be asked for. I then pass it on to you so you can digest it (‘scuse the pun!) in your own time.

    Hope this helps. Don’t worry about asking questions – it’s what I’m here for ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Doodah x

    ps If I’m a fairy godmother do I need to get a wand haha!

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    Locations for Weight Loss Surgery | Streamline Surgical

    another ps This is the list of our clinic locations:

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    Hi Cupcake
    Really lovely to meet you I am new also, I also felt this way when my first consultation was looming which was only August now bypass all performed and starting on the next part of the journey, I have only just joined this forum and now look forward daily to logging on to see what everyone is saying.
    Its extremely friendly and peoples experiences and advice are invaluable.
    Look forward to chatting with you
    Rae xxxx


    Hi and welcome, I’m about 9 weeks post op and what a difference a few weeks make. As everyone has said listen to your body, drink what you can, I couldn’t manage plain H2O at first unless hot, so drunk tea, milky coffee etc. you need time to heal so as long as you are walking about you’ll be fine until you start to get you’d strength back.
    Just relax and let the weight come off!
    Carol ๐Ÿ™‚

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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