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    I all, sorry I’ve not been online for a while, but I’m back…

    Weight loss is going very well, down to a 36″ waist, not been on the scales since my last fill back in November.

    As you may recall I celebrated reaching fifty in December and paid the final payment on the mortgage… That’s when I had my first glass of wine…. Boy it tasted good, better than pie & mash…. Loll.

    I spent a week diving in the red sea just after Christmas and the flight was amazing, I could get the tray down !!!!! And reverse into the toilet without re enacting the Luna space docking system, lol. Life is so good now I can move around and feel so confident with other folk. Several divers on my trip I had not met before and the subject of diets soon popped up at lunch time when I sat there with a bowel of soup who’s the rest eat big dinners. “what’s up John” one diver said, ” don’t you like the food” and I just said “no its nice but I have to watch my food intake due to being on a struck diet” Why I still can’t tell people the truth I don’t know? I showed some a group photo of me last year on another diving trip and asked then to pint me out, no one could…. When I showed them they were amazed.

    To thank the wife for all her support over the years with having a big fat husband and supported my band operation I upgraded our caravan to a nice big one.

    Plus a 2 week holiday abroad in June to celebrate 30 years of marriage …. She also has a surprise Christmas holiday to gran Caneria

    Enough of me, I hope you are all ok and very well

    Love John xxxxxx


    Well hello buddy… You sound so great, and i’m so pleased to read all the fab stuff you been up to. It sounds like the misses sounds like she’s got herself a new man….


    Sorry pressed wrong button…..

    I was trying to say that it sounds like the misses has herself a new man…..

    Things are going well here too, slow but ok… My big issue is i hate the exercise side of things, but i know i have to do more to keep the results going.
    So nice to see you back, you always make me smile.
    Take care
    Heidi. X


    Hi hides,

    I also dislike the gym… I try and do a different thing each visit. Ie one day swim, next cardio, next walking etc.

    I found a good set of head phones with some good fast beat music that I like helped with the boredom.

    Also once results started to notice that spurred me on.

    Glad your loss is in the right direction, how many fills have you had??

    Love John xxx


    I had to have alittle out at christmas time, cos i just was sick after every meal. So only have 4-3/4mls in, went about 2weeks ago, she was happy with weight lose and therefore wouldn’t give me another fill. My next appt is on fri 10th feb , which i hope to be at 2 stone 10/11lbs by then. Going to ask for a 1/4 top up.

    Finding that my willpower is having to kick in now…….. I still have a very sweet tooth…..

    Crazy really but i’d still like to wake up and be 3 stone lighter , without the hard work…….( In my dreams. )

    Heidi x


    Aw John, your post brought a tear to my eye. What a lovely man you are – your wife is a lucky woman.

    Well done on your success – you deserve it. Maybe when you have completeed your journey, you will not have a hard time in telling people about your surgery: I have found people to be more intertested than condemning.

    I’m truly happy for you

    Doodah x

    ps it’s my 30th anniversary this year too ;-))



    Have a good 30th…. How will you celebrate your pearl wedding… (jokes on a post card)

    I’m late shift on the clementine meeting but tying to get it changed…

    Love you all

    Love John xxxx


    Haha!! ‘pearl’.

    We are taking the kids (27 and 24!) to Canada and the USA in August but our anniversary is in October. Both my husband and daughter are in teaching and my son is at Uni so we can only do ‘school’ holiday times. I can’t wait. I have never flown long haul before as I was too big and ill to do it. 4 years post op and still achieving another ‘first’. Can’t be bad can it?

    Hope you can make the 8th!

    Doodah xx

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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