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    An anyone he me have had weetabix and I am now foaming but I can’t shift the weetabix have tried to be sick and get it up but it’s just the foam . Having water doesn’t help, don’t know what to do, been like this for about three hours. Janie


    Hi Janie I’m 4 weeks post bypass and have had this a couple of times. I have found there is nothing I could do just wait for it to pass. I tried sipping water or peppermint tea but nothing helped. All I could suggest is walking around if this helps or just rest if not. I felt abit fragile the next day so was very careful with eating slowly. I know it is awful but I hope you feel better now.


    I am 16 months post bypass and every so often I still get this, in fact I have had it 3 times in the last couple of weeks, the worst it has been since I had the op. There is nothing you can do you just have to let it pass. With me once I have been sick a couple of times and I mean sick just not foam I usually feel a little better. Feel very delicate the next couple of days, in fact I went right back to eating very soft food for a couple of days. I look at it in my case being further on the journey than you both are as a kick up the backside about maybe taking things for granted and just a reminder of what I have had and not to abuse it. I am these last couple of days eating a lot more slowly, chewing more and listening to what my little”pouchy” is telling me, only eating until it tells me it is full and not forcing one or two more mouthfuls down and so far things are settling down again.
    Elaine xx


    Thank you both so much for you replies, I was getting a little worried.
    Jamie xx


    Hi Janie

    Unfortuanately, frothing/foaming is our pouche’s way of telling us to slow down and chew better. All you can do is keep ‘spitting’ up the foam and blowing your nose until it passes. It’s hideous but it forces us to remember that we are letting our ‘standards’ slip and by that I mean forgetting to chew, chew, chew and make the right food choices. The good thing is, that it reminds us that our surgery is working.

    I still get caught out on the odd occasion, usually when I’m in a hurry 🙁 Old habits and all that…..

    Doodah x

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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