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HELP PLEASE! Band Removed – 5 stone put back on – what now??

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    chubby girl

    Hi – Im seeing Shaw on Monday and would appreciate some advice from them wot know before!!! I will be as brief as possible – Had the band put in 7years ago; lost 5.5 stone; learnt to eat round it and put 3 back on before having it removed 2 years ago. Since put more back on and up to 18 stone. Hated the band in the end – got sick of being sick, hated the choking feeling and didnt like not being able to eat fruit, veg and salad (or hardly).

    Now what do I do??? Should I have the bypass or am I going to feel like im choking on that too?? Has anyone heard of the ABILITI system – Im considering that. Only problem there is you have it removed after 5 years and knowing me, I will put the lot back on!!!!

    Did anyone else hate the choking feeeling on the band, has the bypass, and can assure me its different???

    And has anyone had a 2nd band and had success with it – it fills me with dread but at least its reversible!!

    Any honest insights will be so gratefully received. Thanks loads in advance xxxxxx


    As you asked for this is only my opinion-AN HONEST INSIGHT and I am speaking for myself ONLY.
    I also had my band removed and had a bypass
    The bypass allows you to eat so much better and healthier food
    however it is important to address the isuue where you said in your post above
    that -you learned to eat around it so gained back
    in the end it really honestly and truly ALL comes down to diet and excersize
    I was hospiailised with severe malnutrition with my band at a huge 27 stones how embarrassing
    I had the bypass and lost 9 st in 9 months but not a singlr pound since
    and i live on 850 calories per day because as soon as I increase to a more healthy 1200 cals then i immediately GAIN weight.
    However I would never have a band again
    BUT I would have a bypass again tomorrow
    Another thing is( not always but often) patients with a band and then revision to a bypass do have much slower weight losses that frequently plateau stall and in my case completely stop even though they may still have 100lbs or more to lose
    This is a difficult and very personal choice
    but when you see Mr Somers please be honest about how you ate around the band as he will then know exactly which is the best surgical option for you as there are other bariatric surgeries too.
    I do wish you luck in your weight loss journey
    It is the hardest thing I have ever done -but it is so worth it for my health as I was 31st at my heaviest and am 18 stones now so technically have gone through both BARIATRIC surgeries and am STILL A CANDIDATE for bypass surgery today as my bmi is still 43 but it was 69.9
    I really believe from your post above that you need to fix your food/eating issues in your head brfore attempting to fix your body cause if you dont address this major issue
    ask yourself
    when the bypass is a year or two out and you can eat anything again
    Until you can answer that for yourself
    perhaps you may not be ready for this surgery???
    I do not know you
    only you do so you will know within yourself
    PLEASE don’t think im putting you off
    Im just responding honestly as you asked for
    best of luck whichever option you decide onxxxxx


    repeated this post in error-deleted it


    I posted this response to a similar thread the other day:

    ‘I had a band, it didn’t work, it came out (the relief!). My weight was already piling back on (and it seems so much worse doesn’t it?) and I wanted another go at a band (idiot!) as I was terrified of the bypass for so many reasons. Shaw Somers said that a bypass would be the best option for me and I trusted his advice.

    I had my bypass a year after my band removal in March 2010. The op went well, I have lost a LOT of weight, and living with a bypass has been SO much easier. The downside for me is that I have not been well since my bypass, but that is not because I had a band before, but just sod’s law I guess. I am still unwell, but for the vasy majority of people, they have a straightforward recovery and get on with the business of living!

    The risks of revision are a little greater and the overall speed and amount of weight lost is often not as much with a band to bypass as with a first time bypass, so these are things to consider. Not sure how much weight you need/want to lose, but it is worth thinking about. I have lost 99% so far of my excess weight, but that is not common at all! I think about 60% is more usual for a revision…

    I do not regret my decision, Shaw Somers is a fab surgeon and he will take great care of you. Honestly, I would say listen to him, he knows his stuff! There are never any guarantees in life, but living with obesity is a prison sentence, and with Shaw Somers and the team looking after you, you can look forwards to a richer and fuller life with your family. Life is for living, my life with a band was miserable, and I would have been filled with ‘what if’s’ if I hadn’t gone for a bypass.

    No op is guaranteed to work, no op is guaranteed to keep the weight off, it is but a tool, but after the failure of my band, life with a bypass has so far been much easier.

    You absolutely need to chew loads and eat slowly, but I always felt like I was being choked with my band. I had a few ‘slip ups’ early on with the bypass, but it quickly passed. I now feel I can eat normally, just much smaller amounts. There are foods I still cannot eat such a rice, brown bread, some pasta, some meat etc, but I can eat most things. I dump like a trooper so cannot tolerate sugar at all, and do not get on well with carbs or fat, but I think the latter is due to the other problems I have.

    If you want to have a chat, PM me. There are quite a few peeps about who have had this revision done, go to a support group to find some if it helps! ‘

    I have heard of the Abiliti, isn’t it some sort of implant? I have not heard that they do theis at Streamline, but I am sure you will be put on the right path on Monday. If you did eat around the band, then I would recommend telling Mr Somers this, and possibly getting psychotherapy, as Still trying said, you can eat around any surgery if you want to enough…


    I believe that the surgery levels the playing field, it helps you to lose weight but then it is up to you to work at keeping the weight off (or losing more if you need/want to). Eating healthily and exercising are important…it is not a magic wand!

    Do let us know how you get on.



    totally agreed with everything you say

    chubby girl

    THANK YOU SO MUCH – I really cant thank you enough for giving me so much information – I appreciate the time youve taken. Ive read it all but intend to read it again and again before Monday! The abiliti thing FROM WHAT I KNOW seems to be some sort of eledtronic ‘thing’ they put in you, a bit like a pacemaker, but this one sends a message to your brain that you are full, way before you are!! I shall be asking Shaw about that too. I wish you all so much success – you sound such lovely, caring people, you deserve it. I shall keep you posted xxxxxxxxx PS AND IM STILL VERY INTERESTED TO HEAR FROM ANYONE ELSE WITH THEIR HONEST VIEWS OF GOING BAND TO BYPASS – OR ANY OTHER SURGERY TOO???????

    chubby girl

    Hi Thanks for that. You are right, it in the head, but who do you go to get that fixed?? Is there such a thing as a weight loss phsycotherpist or someone like that? Ive been to nuffield healths weight loss management programme recently and seen a supposed expert who told me ‘when you want to binge, go for a walk or something’. I could have hit her. And id paid hundreds of pounds to see this woman. I know its my head that needs fixing – maybe Shaw can recommend a good person. Ive paid out to see Paul McKenna and Marissa Peer for one to one hypnotherapy and its dont absolutely nothing.

    Im worried about eating over the bypass – Im a blooming expert at sabotaging things that go brilliantly at first but then I get bored and knacker it up!!!! thanks so much for your time and honestyxxx

    chubby girl

    Hi SJ thanks for that, i replied but not sure if i put it on right bit of page,im new to this. I definitely would like to try psychotherapy – I know its all in the head. Im training to be a counsellor so thoroughly believe in all the head stuff !!!!!!!!
    I wonder if Streamline recommend someone you can see. I shall definitely be asking Shaw this on Monday. I would love to have a chat about your experience. How do we go about that.


    Hi there,

    I have just replied to your pm. I see Janet one of the Streamline psychotherapists (she does the MDT assessments for wls) and she is LOVELY. She has helped me a lot. She works with Sevim, who I haven’t seen, but she is also very warm and I have heard lots of great things about her. I have had some NHS funding to see Janet, but have mainly self-funded. Due to her knowledge of wls, and experience as a psychotherapist, she is perfectly placed to assist with ‘issues’ around food. I can wholeheartedly recommend her, so do speak to Shaw on Monday and he can let you know how to get in touch with her etc . (Also do look on the home page on this website and you can find out about Janet and Sevim).

    Good luck and do let us know how it goes.



    @stilltryingsohard 12129 wrote:

    totally agreed with everything you say

    Thanks Still Trying, despite all my problems, I do not regret my op (what’s the point in that, its done now anyway!), and feel that it is important to see all sides of the story. Revisions from bands to bypass are a little unpredictable regarding amount of weight lost, but I have yet to meet anyone who has regretted their decision.


    Ms Ellie

    Excellent posts SJ and stilltryingsohard well done xxx

    Almost there

    I see SEVIM and you see Janet BOTH wonderful woman !
    Great help to me I must say!


    @Almost there 29065 wrote:

    I see SEVIM and you see Janet BOTH wonderful woman !
    Great help to me I must say!

    We are very proud of all our team. They are all very important cogs in the wheel 😉

    Doodah x

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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