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Help …. Gastric band 08/03/12

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    Can you please help, I had the gastric band fitted 8th march this year. Starting weight was 17 1/2 stone now I’m 15st 5. But I keep reading in all the success stories that most people have lost 3 – 3 1/2 stone by now.

    My band is filled to 5.8 ml at the moment & I’m genuinely eating quite healthily bare the odd slip up over the months. Exercising & eating smaller portions.

    Can you suggest anything that will kick start the weigh loss?

    I don’t want to have paid £5000 for the operation & it not to have worked 🙁


    Nics x



    I’m the same, banded on 30 April and only lost 22 pounds.

    I was 16 stone 2 pounds to start with, size 20 so I wonder if people who report massive losses have more to lose to start with.

    Sorry, hope that doesn’t sound derogatory to anyone.



    Hi ladies,
    I had my band at the end of July last year, I started at 18st 12lb, at Christmas last year I had only lost 3 stone so that was after 5 months and that included the weight I had lost pre op on the liver shrinkage diet so you are both doing really well, since Christmas I have lost a further 4 1/2 stone because around Feb I got to my sweet spot and since then the weight loss has been fantastic, I am now a size 12/14 and don’t want to lose anymore, keep going to your follow up appointments every 4 weeks and it will happen for you when you reach the right adjustment.
    Nettie xx


    Will you ladies calm down.
    If everyone was the same at losing weight, then there would be a chart of progress that you are meant to hit with weight loss. Which there is not, as everyone has different metabolisms, eats different amounts of calories, and has different amounts of fill in their bands. Not to also mention we all started at different weights, BMI’s etc.

    The only guidelines that are available is….

    ie: for me:
    Whatever your healthy weight is…..
    Between 11-12 stone…..for a 5’6 tall person, female, aged 34.

    Starting weight of 19st 10lbs….then as you can see im between 7-8st overweight.

    A Band is a tool to help you lose 50% of that. They say it usually gets lost in the first year.
    So Im expecting 4 stone with the band….but anything else is a bonus!

    So far, I had my band fitted on April 17th. Ive lost 45lbs…Which is 3st 3lbs….Which means Im ahead of schedule as Im almost at 4 stone. So Im happy as I know ive only had 2 fills in my 10ml band. (1st fill was 2.5ml which brought me up to 3.5ml as at surgery I had 1ml put in already)….My 2nd fill went to 4.5ml but I had problems getting food in me, only clear soup -barely!…So I had a de-fill, and im down to 3.75ml, which is easier to eat with, but portions are still restricted and Im not as hungry. But I use Myfitnesspal to watch my calories that im intaking…making sure im always under the allotted amount.


    We are all so different that it is impossible to provide any sort of standardised progress chart for weight loss, after any wls procedure. Just follow the dietary guidelines, drink plenty of fluids, keep active and allow your chosen wls tool to help you. If you are getting hung up reading other people’s weight losses – stop reading them. We all get there in the end. Tortoise and hare remember 😉

    Doodah x


    Thank you, just you only ever see the stories where people have lost loads in a matter of months. Nice to hear some people are in the same boat as me.

    Got another band fill next Tuesday so hopefully that will help a little x


    Usually the speedy weight losses are from bypass or sleeve patients. We are the hares, bands are the tortoises but we all get there in the end. 😉



    Hi Nics85

    I know the feeling I haven’t lost that much either with my band i find I dont really find I have much restriction dispite it being quite full. I was told to make sure that I have protein & carbs in every meal by the dietican but like you have salads or jacket spuds for lunch and because I have a stoma I struggle with fruit veg & salad as it blocks the stoma it’s a blood nightmare to be honest, I really want mine to speed up to after only losing about 3.5 stone in 2-3 years.



    3.5 stone is an immense amount of weight. Try carrying a sturdy medium sized dog around with you 24/7 and you will see how much that is. Also, the slower it is lost, the less likelihood of excess skin being a problem too. How about going back to soup for a few weeks? It’s comforting and nutritious and can be absolutely packed with protein. Also, never forget the power of water. making sure you are fully hydrated at all times is SO important.

    My non wls husband has just lost 2st by eating more at lunchtime, less in the evening and almost doubling his previously inadequate water intake. He gained weight due to finishing off my meals….ooops… as he has never had a weight problem (grrrr, lucky thing) but upping his fluids has made a huge difference, not just to his weight but to his energy levels in general.

    Anyway, what I’m trying, very clumsily, to say is that bandsters lose it much more slowly than bypassers because, in general, they have less weight to lose so don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Just keep trying and follow the guidelines – it will happen.

    Doodah x



    Well done for losing 3 1/2 stone that’s still great. I went to have my band filled yesterday naively thinking they would put in 2ml or something, but left disappointed with 1/2 ml as the restriction can happen at any time now they say. So now I’m at 6.3ml which I hope the weight will start shifting.

    If not I think I’ll just have to restrict my food even more & live with being hungry until its sorted out.

    I’ve got a weekend away in December which is fancy dress, so really want to get down to a size 14 for that. So that’s my aim now I know it’s 2 dress sizes but hopefully it’ll be a realistic target with exercise as well as not eating a lot.

    They did advise me that everyone is different with the weight loss & because they wouldn’t actually class me as being that big that’s probably why it’s slower than normal as well. Also I’ve got polycystic ovaries so that’s another factor of slow weight loss.

    Hope you manage to kick start your weight loss again. Maybe try swooping your jacket potato for crisp breads or something like that occasionally so it’s lower in calories, but still the right texture.



    Hi Nics

    It’s brilliant that you a) have a goal and b) a contingency plan. With that much determination ANYTHING is possible.

    What fancy dress are you after wearing?! I love costume parties. My engagement one was fancy dress 😉

    Doodah x



    Thanks I’ve just got to stick to it now.

    It’s an adults weekend in butlins, so the first night they want to do sailors, then Greek goddesses the second. But I’ve never done fancy dress purely cos of being big. But hopefully this year that’ll be different.



    That sounds absolutely brilliant! Have fun :-))

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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