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Help!! Part 6

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    How many days post op do u have to have purée food!! I have been having mash salmon with milk all runny and mashed with a fork it’s like purée do u think that’s ok? It’s all I can stomach at the moment with muiler light yogurt !!! HELP


    have a look in Nona’s book, I will get mine in a bit…


    Thanks Floyd I have read it and it says I can so I will just wait and see I think!!


    Hi Jansus,
    I am 17 months post bypass and I must say I stuck with really puree food for about 10 days, I was having the likes of soup, low fat custard, really mashed/pureed stewed apple, mashed banana,protein is a must so puree any meat/ fish, try mashed potato with cheese that was nice, again cauliflower with a cheese sauce, after I went on to more solid food mashed right down with a fork and I stayed on that for a month, I just followed their guide lines, after a month I introduced food that had more texture and crunch to it, stayed on that for a month and month 3 post op started to introduce more ” normal food” but it is all trial and error, some agreed with me some didn’t, but protein is really a must with every meal. As I said I am 17 months post op, 11 stones lighter and have had little problems.
    Elaine x


    Thank you Elaine for your advise! I have been having cheese and mash yes very nice!!! I will continue! Xxxx

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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