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Help!! – part 3

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    Hi Katie , I feel and understand how u must be feeling , my journey was not easy by any means , felt at times it was a omen for me not to get it done , you will get there in the end , hope you don’t have to long a wait , feel free to pm me x x x


    sorry your op has been cancelled I think the explanation is in the post on contractual disagreement in the shoutbox so sorry must be hard

    Liz Sage

    Hi Katy< its Liz here, we met again at our pre op day in Loxwood. my op has been cancelled for Wednesday. i must admit that i went hysterical when i took the call today. After two weeks of the milk diet, paacking my bags ready to travel from Rochester tomorrow to Chichester. to have it all snatched away at the last minute is devastating. We have lost a large deposit on the hotel, my son has booked the week off and my husband has tokd his customers that he is unavailable till next week. Alady on the Aldwich Bay told me it was due to an unresolved issue with the insurance companies, and to wait for a new appointment. She also said that all appointments for surgery on Wednesday were cancelled. I was wondering if you had heard from them today. Im feeling really sick and angry at the moment.

    Liz Sage

    Hi again Katy, i have just read your updates, im so upset at the moment i can only imagine that you are feeling the same. After waiting nearly two years i never for one moment thought id get this close only to have it all wiped out in a phone call. i fancy a large Gin n Tonic right now, maybe not a good idea as i might not stop. Keep in touch with any up dates. Liz xx


    I thinks its just unbeleiveable that the hospital feel its ok to lie to people about this..clearly streamline have published this info to make it clear what has happened…st richards have clinical responsibility for patients and leaving people in limbo is dreadful, unprofessional, clinical practice. People need to call and complain and complain high up. I’m talking cheif exec etc!


    How terrible, surely these people know that they are playing mind games I feel so sorry for you I would be spitting blood and be i’n despair
    I hope you get the news you need very very soon
    Midge xxx


    Hi Liz,
    I had my suspicions when I went for more pre op bloods last week and it was like a ghost ship….I’m so gutted as you are, i think politics playing with people’s lives is so so wrong and I will be emailing the CEO tomorrow morning (along with the bill for the non refundable hotel bill ) for a full explanation and apology (and assurances that these ops will be rescheduled.) I hope you had your G and T tonight. I stopped drinking a few months ago or I would have joined you!
    Katy xx


    Thankyou everyone for your kind words and support and to those of you who, like me,have been affected by this disgraceful turn of events, I think a strongly worded email to the CEO would not be amiss
    I hope you are all ok x


    Hi Katy, I am due to have my op the 9th and half way trough the milk diet and hearing this I am as devastated as you, as it feels as is not going to happen, could you please advise me how to get trough the CEO so I can complaint as well, I think if as much people complaint they will be oblige have us in consideration and do something quickly to resolve the situation, the least they should do if they want to cease the contact with Streamline is to attend to the people who are already committed to.
    Lets hope we achieve something. XX

    Liz Sage

    Morning Katy, i gave up drinking nearly two years ago but, last night i could have killed for one, or killed someone. i tried to eat a proper meal last night after two weeks on the milk diet, couldnt manage more than a couple of mouthfuls, dont know if it was because of the milk diet or emotion, probably a bit of both. Didnt get much sleep last night and im walking around thi8s morning in a bit of a daze. Let me know how to contact the CEO so i can complain as well. Keep in touch, take care Liz x

    Liz Sage

    I sent an e mail to Chris Pring last night i wonder how long i will have to wait for a reply if ever. x

    Liz Sage wrote:
    I sent an e mail to Chris Pring last night i wonder how long i will have to wait for a reply if ever. x

    I emailed guy slater on Friday but not yet had a response…… X


    to complain to CEO Email: CEO name is Marianne Griffiths.


    Hi all
    My mum and I have been trawling the web to find the direct email address for the chief exec which should be readily available (funnily enough it’s not!)
    Nhs emails tend to follow the same format (I work for the nhs) and I would hazard a guess that it would be
    I’m going to give this a try. If it doesn’t bounce back then I reckon we are on to a winner


    Hi guys

    I’m in the same boat, due to start my pre op diet on the 9th Feb with surgery set for 28th. Not been told by the hospital that it’s all been cancelled but expect it any day now. This is the third time I have been messed about by the NHS over this op. starting to think it is never going to happen. Also like many I have booked none refundable hotel room for my wife so that’s another £135 I cannot afford lost forever as well.

    I feel so annoyed at the way this has been done, why book appointments when they know there are problems looming.


Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 38 total)
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