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Help!! – part 3

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    Hi all
    I’m new on here and having a bit of a panic. I’m due to have a gastric bypass done at st Richards in Chichester next Wednesday (1st feb)
    I’m well prepared and into my 2nd week of the pre op diet and everything seemed to be on track.
    I had a call from the nurse specialist last week stating that they needed more blood samples from me for type and cross match and I was asked to come back to the Loxwood centre today to pick up the forms and go to pathology. I drove down today from Brighton and when i arrived there the unit was like a ghost town. The lovely respiratory nurse spent nearly 3 hours in the phone trying to find out what was going on but to no avail. I’m back at home now and really worried that this delay will stop my op happening next week. I was told by the lady that helped me that the Bariatric team were not there and wouldn’t be tomorrow either…it’s all very strange and she said something about a management decision but really couldn’t tell me anything else. Has anyone had a similar experience? I have spent the afternoon in tears as I have worked so hard to get where I am, (i have already lost 2stone) and I’m so worried that I am going to be cancelled!
    Can anyone reassure me?
    Katy x


    Katy sorry to hear of your experience, I went to Harrow not St Richards but i am sure someone will come on and help you. Don’t give up, phone tomorrow and see what is happening. This is a time when you tend to feel a bit emotional x


    Hi Katy , I had my appointment cancelled at Chichester on Monday , was due to have 1st appointment post op on Tuesday ( following day ) was informed there was a lot of staff off sick , so closing for a few days ,

    ANN410 wrote:
    Hi Katy , I had my appointment cancelled at Chichester on Monday , was due to have 1st appointment post op on Tuesday ( following day ) was informed there was a lot of staff off sick , so closing for a few days ,

    Thank you for that, I feel a bit better now and it does explain a lot. Just hope my op doesn’t get bumped now because the appropriate bloods have not been done!
    I hope things are going well for you x

    Big Martin

    Hi Katy
    I was due to have my bypass carried out yesterday, but I got a phone call late on Tuesday afternoon, saying that it had been cancelled untill further notice, I had already been on the Milk diet for a week and had got myself already and mentally prepared. It feels a real anticlimax now and not sure when my Op will be done. I was initially told to start eating normally again, but suggested that, seeing as I had only had to do the Milk diet for a week, I could stay on it, hoping that they might carry out the operation in the next few days. The lady did say that surgery had been cancelled for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and no operations had been cancelled for Friday (today), here’s hoping they have resumed today and will soon catch up with the backlog quite soon. Hope they don’t postpone your operation next Wednesday. I received another call last night saying, they still didn’t have a date for me, but did say I could eat a very low carb diet, so I would still be able to have an operation without going through the pre-op diet from scratch. They still wouldn’t say why all this has happened. I have my own ideas why they might have done it, if it is for the purposes of deep cleaning the theatres, then I would sooner they do that than risk peoples lives.
    Here’s hoping everyone gets their operations carried out soon.
    All the best Katy

    Big Martin..


    Hi again , I phoned Chichester today to talk with dietitian , phone went through to other department , and left my details with them , was told I will get a call back from dietitian next week ! I asked about my canceled appointment and when I will get a new one , also asked why , was told that it is closed due to problems with admin staff ,


    Hi Martin and Anna
    This is all sounding like an absolute nightmare! I have spent much of the day on the phone trying to get through to anyone that can help but with no luck. I spoke to a lady in the bariatric office twice and she promised to call me back this afternoon. I have emailed Dr slater (he saw me in clinic but Chris Pring is doing the op) but I have not heard anything yet. I’m so frustrated as I’m sure you all are. Nobody seems to be telling us anything and it’s really not good practice to leave people in limbo like this. I have not been doing the milk diet as I can’t drink milk so I have had to do 2 weeks of the totally carb free diet. It is fairly unpleasant in itself (side effects etc) but also very expensive for food shopping. My partner has organised time off work and we have booked a hotel for the night before which is non refundable.
    Grrrr sorry I’m ranting a bit but it’s taken so long to get here just to fall at the last hurdle. I’m sure you all feel the same. I work for the NHS and always tell my staff that communication is the key to good practice. A slight failing here I think!!
    Fingers crossed for everyone in thus situation. Let’s hope we get it sorted out soon.
    Katy x


    Hi Katy,
    I’m also from Brighton and I’m having my bypass a week later than you on the 9th, by Dr Slater, hope everything gets sorted quickly and you get some news soon, please keep us inform us of you progress and good luck.

    Thais xx


    Hi Katy. I agree , good communication is everything. Could you contact the local PALs team at St Richards ? I do think they need to have better communication with the patients. It took ages for me to get an op dat (23rd Feb) and if that gets changed it messes up so many things I have had to put in place. I do wonder if they see the impact bad communucation has on peoples lives….obviously emergencies happen it’s the NHS but communicating properly would make all the difference xx!!


    I have been trying all morning to get info from St Richards. I’m supposed to be travelling down tomorrow for theatre on Wednesday but no one can tell me what is happening. The bariatric service is being run by one lady who is rushed off her feet and keeps saying she will call me back but doesn’t but she seems ti think thst all surgery is being cancelled this week. I spoke to admissions who said they are dealing with theatre lists on a day by day basis and can’t tell me anything else except to call tomorrow before we set off! Does anyone know what’s going on?
    Love Katy x


    Oh and I have also rung PALS who have no idea what is going on and have been putting all calls through to the lady who isn’t calling me back……x


    Katy – I just had my pre-op cancelled Wednesday. I just called PALS and a lady called Debbie Sankey (PALS gave me her number) she was told to call people to cancel appointments but does not know why either. I was told I will get a call on Thurs/Fri to rebook my pre-op… but i must be a nightmare for you if surgery is Wed…I think if you can’t get an answer go higher –
    It’s ridiculous that they have no reason – if they said – all the beds are full, there’s an emergency, all the surgeons just dies in a plane crash you might understand but to have no reason is ridiculous… I think the more people that call the better so they sort it out.

    My thoughts are totally and completely with you.. I have been in tears having my pre-op cancelled so I I can imagine how you feel not knowing about your op… hang in there

    Keep us updated xxxx


    Thanks for your message. I have spoken to Debbie several times (I must be driving her mad!) i made the last call about an hour ago and she said that all ‘the decision makers’ had been in meetings all morning. I asked what the problem is and she said that they were ‘short staffed’ and that they couldn’t run a service without a full team. I know the psychologist is there because Debbie told me she has spoken to her about me but she did say that the chance I would be cancelled was greater because I have not had the blood tests I need – and that was because there were no staff there to organise it last Thursday when I drove down. It’s sooooo frustrating! I’m sorry your pre op has been cancelled too, what a nightmare!! I have to cancel my hotel reservation by midday tomorrow so hopefully will know by then…. Also, what do I do about this blooming pre op diet that I have been on for two weeks? It’s giving terrible tummy aches so would prefer not to have to do it for too much longer!!
    Anyway, rant over! I Do hope it all gets sorted soon, not just for me but you and all the other people who are affected by this problem


    I just had ‘the call’. All surgery cancelled for the foreseeable future. I have been told to stop the pre op diet and eat normally as it will definitely not be done in the next 2weeks……


    Katy I am soooo sorry..this is terrible for you.. I’m thinking of you..honestly it all sounds really dodgy to me…if there’s a staff shortage there’s a staff shortage…why are decision makerse in meetings…it all seems a but wierd.
    Hang in there you will get there in the end. At least you don’t have to stay on milk?
    I’m thinking of you. Let us know how you get on

    T xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 38 total)
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