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    Hi all
    I’ve just joined your fantastic forum. I’m 4 days past banding and have been addicted to reading all the threads during my recuperation. You all know soooo much!
    One thread I read that I have a question on, but can’t find anymore, was from another newbie – Adam, re post op diet. I had my band done at thg, dalton park, and have been given a fluids only diet for two weeks, with some shakes and thin soups. I am following this without too much difficulty so far, but the weight is really falling off. Hope it’s nothing to worry about 🙂 I noticed a comment that 2 weeks fluid is unusual?
    Anyway, looking forward to sharing your journeys!


    Hello vix
    Welcome, i had my band done mid oct last year…. (that seems strange to write…. Last year ) anyway, i had a different pre-op diet to most of the people on this site, so i would stick to what you’ve been told. I think there must be 2or3 different approaches.
    I lost 12lbs before, and i’m now at 2stone, 4lbs. Slow and steady……. Mind you i have to start with the exercise now. Not my favourite thing, but i know this will help, set myself half a stone per month…….
    I wish you well, please keep posting.


    Thank Hides. Really amazing to hear that you have lost 32lbs in 3 months! Hope it works for me the same way.
    I’m with you on the exercise, but a necessary component I think!
    Speak soon


    Hi and welcome Vix, I agree follow the advice you have been given. I also didn’t like exercise but am getting into it if for nothing else than to try to tone up as i hope to get less loose skin. I do know from on here that it often makes no difference but got to give it a try.
    I had bypass not band but agree this is a great place for advice – welcome again.


    Hello! Post band op I had 2 weeks of liquid , 2 weeks of mushy then onto solids. I tools to soft solids 2 weeks after the op so took it easy. I had my op on the 11th December and am struggling to be good before I have my first band fill! Anyone have any advice? I started everything at 19st 10 and am now 18st 4.

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    Hi and welcome to the big losers club! I had a bypass but I know lots of bandsters. I would alwyas follow what your team have given you. I followed my post op instructions to the absolute letter and it worked brilliantly. Look forward to hearing how you get on.

    Doodah x

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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