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    Hello to everyone……hope you are all well xx.

    Had my assesment on 21st Dec and I thought all went well, Mr John recomended a bypass and I was over the moon. He was just a little worried about me physcologically. Depression has been a huge problem of mine for many many years and he just said he would write to my GP and ask that Im keep an eye on after surgery. I did recieve a copy of the letter Mr John sent to my GP. To be honest, since my assesment i have never felt better and am really looking foward to the future.

    So…..every day, i’ve been sitting by the phone, waiting for ‘the call!’. Today a call from the hospital came and i thought my heart was going to leap out of my chest! I ask “is this the call i have been waiting for?” Sadly the voice replied no, not yet and my heart sank!

    They want me to go back and see the physcologist, as apparantly I did’nt see one on the 21st. I was asked to return on the 2nd of Feb, but asked if I could have a sooner appointment and am now going next friday. Cannot help but feel a bit annoyed… that wrong? why was’nt I told on the day by Mr John I would need to come back and why wait till now to tell me?

    After all I was told I can have the operation and that I just needed to wait for my call!
    Really has knocked me back…..
    Please tell me your views on the matter and am I right to feel a bit, well to be honest a lot angry?
    Love to you all xxxx,


    Sorry to hear you are feeling frustrated, but it sounds like they are being thorough and just want to make you that you are absolutely prepared for the roller coaster ride ahead. Perhaps something you said to the surgeon led him to wanting you to see the psychologist?

    Try not to feel fed up, perhaps you not seeing the psychologist at your 1st assessment is the reason for this as I thought everyone had to be assessed by the psych team now…so see this as one step in the ladder…

    Good luck, be as open and honest as possible, and remember that they are here to help you.

    When are you there next Friday? I am there seeing the team – might bump into you!



    I was with you on the 21st of December for our pre-assesment and we were suppose to see the physcologist that day but because of the snow she couldn’t make it in and that is why we were called back down there. I went down last Friday (28th) to see her as I am on anti-depressants and Mr John wanted her to have a chat with me. I also thought that when that call came it was to give me a date, so I am was slightly annoyed as well. Mr John also wanted me to have some more tests done, blood and an echogram. Had the blood done nothing wrong just need to take folic acid, tried to have the echogram done but the hospital here could not get a clear picture as I am to big, so now it is down to Mr John if he still wants me to have this done as my GP did ECG and that came back ok and I have never had heart problems,GP has written and told them all this but because I was carrying some fluid around my ankles on the 21st, which really was not surprising as I had been on the go since half four that morning to get there,so now I sit and wait to see what Mr John wants to do and if he still wants it done then will have to find somewhere that caters for big people to have echograms.
    Have you heard anything yet? Elaine xx


    Hello Elaine x
    I was so cross that i had to go all the way back and think they should have mentioned this on 21st. I phoned and spoke to Christine and put across my worries, to be honest i thought i was the only one going back. I also have a long history of depression and thought they would change their mind! Why did they tell us for def we could have op on 21st? In your case you must be worried in case they change their mind. The only problem i have is high bp, so on the day i came back i was given my date, 28th feb. I really feel for you, but am sure things will be finexx Dont wait to long, phone and talk to someone. Christine in the office has always been so kind. Im sure things will go ahead, you have come this far and you obviously qualify for the op as you would not have got your funding. Please let me know how things go and am here for you always xx.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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