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Head hunger?

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    I’m sitting here at 11.30 at night not hungry (thanks to my best friend my bypass) but all I can think of is crisps! I REALLY want some! I’m NOT going to have any! :0)x I will conquer! Naughty brain! :0)))x


    Just remember that Crisps are the Devils food and should be kept far way from temptation.

    Because they turn to mush when eaten you can eat far too many in one go to be healthy or helpful.

    Stay away and don’t buy them for anyone else in the house either.




    I agree Paul devil food indeed!


    Shaw Somers himself called crisps the devil’s food. I’m so lucky as they have never been my ‘thing’.

    Head hunger will be the biggest hurdle you will face in my honest and very humble opinion. The best way around it is to spend a bit of time searching for healthy ‘snack’ alternatives so that, if your resolve falters, you can’t totally sabotage yourself. Crisps and sweets and biscuits etc are appealing because they Re immediately gratifying. No preparation or cooking usually so, healthy snack food tend to be bypassed (see what I did there?!) for quick hits.

    Be a bit lazy. Buy ready done crudités. No peeling, chopping, preparing etc… Why not!? You are saving a ruddy fortune on the rest of your food anyway! Ready chopped and peeled exotic fruits, nuts, seeds etc. spend the money on good quality nutritious snacks that you can have instantly so that you can shut head hunger up with it!

    It does get easier I promise you. We all have to be like Boy Scouts and girl guides for a while – Be Prepared!

    You’re doing brilliantly.

    Doodah x

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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