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hazelann70’s Weight Loss Journey

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    Had my surgery on 11th Jan and came home on Thursday. The one thing I do find is I feel I need to talk to people about every day that passes as the different feelings do tend to make me paranoid. It’s a shame that my 2 best friends from here have cut me out of their lives but I do have a couple of others. Having no family where I live other than my kids has been a bit hard but we are coping.

    I’m still feeling a bit tired but that’s getting better as the days go by. The “stitch pain is managable now!”

    What I do find is there is so much conflicting information regarding what you can and can’t consume and this seems to vary from surgeon to surgeon and hospital to hospital. My friend amazed me when she told me what they gave her to eat while she was in hospital!! All I was given was milk and what appeared to be water with a veg stock cube in yet she was given runny weetabix and told to nibble on a rich tea biscuit during the day. I know everyone is different and we cant all tollerate the same things but it is really a pain when one place says one thing and another says something completely different. Looking at my leaflet, there is no way I could consume all they say I should in this early stage and so I’m now worried that I’m not having enough! I’m having half a weetabix in loads of milk just to try to get the bowels working and I’m tollerating this well. Slimfast is another good one but it still takes me a couple of hours to have a whole one by which time it’s time to have the next meal. It feels to me like it’s a constant day long eating feast and I just can’t get it all in. Not overly worried about it but it does make me laugh.

    Would love to have contact with anyone who had their surgery around the same time as me so we can compare notes!



    Hi Hazel i had mt bypass on the 6th Jan, i have been eating weetabix , readybrek, nibbling on a rich tea biscuit, soup, sloppy shepherds pie, cheesy mash potatoand so far appear to be doing ok, but you are right my day at the moment is cinsumed with eating and drinking, i think more about food now than i ever did

    glad you are doing well Karen


    you do think about food all day post op
    just making sure you get food in
    water in
    vitamins in
    ooohhh my gosh its exhausting
    best of luck xxxxxx


    Hi Hazel,
    COngratulations on joining the losers bench….

    It is a minefield with all the different post op eating..
    Some surgeons err on the softer foods during recovery to be on the safe side, others are confident to allow sloppy foods early on. It is a shame it is so different.

    The thing to do now is try.. it is hard getting everything in, watery foods are so very filling.
    I do not suppose in the early days everyone gets enough but the body is resourceful for a short time…

    Stick to the rules of no drinking either side of eating and concentrate on protien.
    Your be on semi solids and solids soon enough I am sure..

    Best of luck.

    Having a support group when family are distant will help, so know we are here for you.



    Thanks for the replies.

    Kids are back to school again and so I’m on my own again. I had a bit of an emotional moment yesterday as all I wanted to do was to be with my kids but they were doing their own thing and I was trying so hard to join in but the body just wouldn’t let me. I cleaned the kitchen and did some washing and then landed in bed with exhaustion. lol, sounds pathetic. I slumped off to my bed and wanted to cry. It’s so hard when you haven’t got a partner to off load household crap to and I feel guilty about asking the kids all the time as it’s not their fault I made this choice. They are doing their best but I can’t expect them to do everything. Stupid things like putting the recycling bin out was a huge task yet they forgot and so it was me who had to do it in the pissing rain. Still, it forced me to get off my arse I guess.

    I still feel positive that everything will be ok and I’ve done the right thing and no doubt everyone has gone through the same emotions from time to time. I just wish I could go into a coma for a couple of weeks to get over the whole thing and then be able to do all I want to do. Daft bat or what. Having lost 2 close friends who live literally over the road to me was a huge blow but that’s life I guess. They have both had bypass and I was looking forward to being able to off load to them but life is full of ups and downs I guess. Not having family around either is hard but again, this was my choice and I know it was the right one – just need to get a month under my belt and I’m sure life will look and feel much better. Patience has never been my strong point 😉

    I managed a whole weetabix yesterday (half in the morning and half in the evening) along with a slimfast and an inch of pure orange juice in a half pint glass. I’m trying to drink as much as I can but although I’m not obsessed with food, I do feel it’s a huge day long graze and going by the diet leaflet I’ve got, I’m running 2 meals and 2 snacks behind every day. I find it a bit funny really and know it will get better eventually. It’s so different to having the band (as far as my memory serves me) but saying that, it’s very similar. Does that make any sence?

    I think my main problem is simply lack of adult contact during the working week and so I feel so very alone. I’ll just get my violin out shall I? LOL.

    As we have 3 chickens, would I be able to make some egg custard and eat that at this stage or would the egg cause a problem? That’s probably such a thick question but I’m sure my protien levels are almost zero right now and it was just a thought.



    I think I have sussed out why I’m not eating much. Basically, it’s lack of savoury stuff. It’s all very well living on slim fast, smoothies, fruit juice and the like but I’ve always been a savoury person so today the diet changed. I found a lentil, sweet potato and veg soup I’d made for pre op and oh boy was it lovely. Tonight I’ve had puree’d shep pie, veg and a bit of grated cheese and that’s gone down a treat as well. Daft to not have thought of that before really. Just got to finish the slimfast I started this morning and the juice.


    15lbs gone since 1st Jan (10lbs on pre op and 5lbs since op) so I’m getting there. Now, where’s that lentil soup? lol


    Hi Hazelann,

    I had my bypass last Thurs 13th Jan at Southampton. Only managed to get home today as had a couple of setbacks.

    It sounds like you have cracked it with the savoury stuff. I am also dairy free so yoghurts, slim fast are not suitable for me.

    You need to eat normally as much as possible with normal food (pureed obviously) roast chicken & lamb with gravy pureed down really well, so do peas, carrots, swede. Use either milk or stock to blend them down. Fish pie is also good, cheesy mash potato,cauliflour or brocolli cheese you need to get your protein up so meat first then veg, then carbs (potatoe, rice, pasta ). If you need anymore ideas give us a shout and we will get out thinking caps on for you.

    Throw the slim fast away!!!! And start your normal healthy eating as you have had your reset button pressed.

    So your 2 days ahead of me – so come on we can do this.


    I had pureed chicken Korma last night and it was bliss. First few spoons gave me that stitch pain and so I milked it down a bit more and it was like eating mana from heaven. lol. I was wondering about eating salmon – I guess that would be ok once pureed down. I love pureed food! My fav after the band was pureed roast dinner. The family turn their noses up but they just don’t know what they’re missing. I found slim fast after the band was good as it gave me a good load of the vits for the day but again, it’s sweet and although I do like sweet stuff I don’t like it all the time. That’s good if your not feeling great and just need to get something inside you.

    So, today’s menu is Weetabix (1 whole one in loads of milk), watered down prune juice, shep pie and veg for lunch and more Chicken Korma for dinner. Sounds good to me anyway! Tried baby bells last night but it was like chewing on a tyre with little flavour so will palm them off on the kids and just have low fat mature cheese instead I think. I’ve got some cottage cheese as well but not sure what that will look like in puree form lol. I must say though, since the whole meat introduction I’ve felt much better but that might just be a time thing and the healing process.

    I SO want to try some egg yolk but too scared right now as others have said they can’t do egg at all still. I can’t stand scrambled egg so not even going to go there. One of our chickens laid an enormous egg yesterday and I’m sure it must be a double yolker. Has anyone else tried egg yolk yet?




    Having 3 chickens, I’ve been yearning to eat some egg yolk as they are so much more yummy than the ones you get in the shops. Last night I had a lovely double yoked poached egg. I felt queasy cooking it as my best mate still can’t eat egg but I put the mind over matter to one side and each little bit I ate I chewed up so much it was thinner than the puree I’m still on. Oh boy, it was SO lovely and didn’t have any bad reactions at all. I must admit, I did sip a teaspoon of low sugar baked bean juice with each tiny bit of egg to prevent it from sticking anywhere but I’ve now conquered my fear of egg. Good job they lay a couple a day!!! Think I’ll have that as a once a week treat now lol


    Well done on being brave. Have you all noticed all the choccie cream eggs are by the till in the Supermarket. Happy memories of their taste but not tempted.
    Have a great week everyone online.
    Bye Renn(Madeleine)


    I used to love them as a kid but as I’ve got older, either they have become sweeter or I just can’t tollerate the whole sweet thing. Same as Cadbury’s Caramel – euk, far too sweet for me so I guess I’m lucky to never have the urge. lol I do love the cream egg adverts though – man wax dare – hillarious and looking forward to the next in the series.


    Aaahhhh Cadburys Creme Eggs and Cadbury Caramels….. YYUUMMMMYY!!!!

    Dreams of last year……. Dreaming dreaming dreaming…..


    Think I must be lucky to not want to eat those kinds of things even before surgery. Give me a bag of crisps any day lol


    Hi to all.

    Not been around for about 10 weeks as I started running the cafe in our local market in Bracknell. We are only open on a Friday and Saturday but tbh I feel like I work 5 days a week what with wholesalers, cleaning and baking cakes each week. I love every minute of it though as it’s what I’ve always wanted to do. Shame it’s only 2 days a week but tbh, if it was more then I’d need a 10 day week to fit everything in!

    I have been one of the lucky ones with weightloss though. I eat what I want (within reason), have only been sick once in 22 weeks and seem to be tollerant to most things (again, within reason). I class this as lucky as I never feel I’m deprived as a taste of what you fancy keeps the spirits up! Not touched alcohol though but don’t miss that so no loss there. I really do feel for all you peops who can’t even have a bit of everything – it must be awful. My worst cave in to temptation was last night with a 3″ square of homemade flap jack which so far hasn’t caused any problems but I find I never have symptoms until the afternoon after such an event and even then it’s just one loo visit and it’s all over and done with. So yeah, I do think I’m a lucky one and do feel for all you who can’t even have tomato sauce let alone a bit of something worse!

    Saying all that, I’ve got to 51lbs gone and am still losing so I must be doing something right. Most days I don’t have time to eat much and so make up for it in the evening. Not the best way to diet I know but if I didn’t do it that way, I’d land up eating sod all and we all know that’s no good. So, the way I look at it is “if it aint broken, don’t try to fix it”. I guess I’m just a weird example of how it is ok to have the odd treat like a bag of crisps or whatever and still be ok and not mentally scarred by the thought that I’ve just eaten something that will put me back to square one.

    I also fall into the band of daily weighers. I’ve done it all my life and tbh, it helps me keep on track so if I see not much has happened in losing in the days following the main Tues weigh in, then I can adjust what I eat. I don’t find this odd at all and I don’t think it has made me obsess over weight loss. It’s just the way I do it and it has always worked for me.

    The only reason I’ve said all of this is I do feel that ocassionally people come down on others like a ton of bricks if they do these weird things as if it’s wrong to do them. We are all different and what works for one may not work for others. I found this forum to be helpfull most times but very judging at others. When I first ever mentioned a bag of crisps I felt I’d been sent to Coventry! I’d hate for other people to think it’s like that all the time and for new people, it’s nice to know that there is hope that they might be able to eat as good a variety of foods as I can. I know when I first started this journey I was prepared to live like a nun for the rest of my life and only eat foods with no fat and no sugar. Oh how it’s not like that for me and oh how I sympathise with those who really can’t eat such variety without problems. I love my bypass and for me, the way I’m living with it gives me the best of both worlds and the restriction is there to stop me going mad!

    Well, I’d better get ironing my table cloths. Hope all of you are well and don’t take my post as being offensive but rather constructive.


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 33 total)
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