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Hair Regrowing

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    Hi All,
    I am six month post bypass op and just been to the hairdressers this morning and she tells me I have a lot of regrowth, some as long as a inch which is marvellous. I normally have really thick hair but have lost so much over these last few months that it has gone quite thin ( well to me it had, my hairdresser said it was like normal peoples hair lol) and I had noticed these last few weeks it had stopped falling out like it was but I am really pleased that it is growing back but the only trouble is it has changed texture, my hair has always been really strong but it has gone soft and fly away, I am hoping once it has grown back the texture will change back as well.
    Elaine xx


    Thats great Elaine.

    Sorry haven’t checked in for a while hows things going with you?
    Next time you are at Loxwood give me a shout and we can catch another coffee…..If I recognise you……


    Thanks ganny I am 9 wk post op and my once thick hair is falling out by the handful . I was worried when it might start growing back . Nice to get an idea . Glad yours is !

    Katherine .

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    HI Ganny

    That’s great news, I’m really pleased for you. Mine started to fall out, not in great handfuls but it went really thin so I got it cut short, everyone says it suits me but I’m still getting used to it. My hairdresser did say that there is regrowth coming through so hopefully it will sort itself out now.

    Take care and hopefully see you soon.



    Mine is still falling out and my hoover can’t cope with it all and I get huge clumps to pick up. My hair is megga thick still and had it cut a bit yesterday so god only knows where it’s all coming from!! The only thing they picked up on was my hair is now a bit dry. I’m now 10 months post op so hope it will stop falling out soon although it’s a cheap thinning method even if I can’t see where it’s all gone from! lol

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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