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had to stop milk diet. 12 days to my op

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    well i am on day 3 of my preop diet, i had to stop the milk one because the salty drink was upsetting my stomach, i wish i could have just stayed on the milk without the oxo drink as i was doing really well and not thinking about food at all. that of changed after a few days i dont know, but now i am on the high protein diet and all i think about is food this 2 weeks are going to feel so long, i even dreamt about food last night. if i thought i could do the milk one without the oxo drink i would ( but dont actually know why u have to drink it maybe it would do some harm to me, i dont know).
    anyway thought i would just keep everyone upto date about what is going on. 12 days to my op


    Hi Cazza

    You need the oxo for the salt. When I did the milk diet I had terrible cramp and ended up having 2 oxo drinks each day. It doesn’t have to be oxo though, you could have bovril or a spoon of marmite instead if you could manage either of those any better?

    Hope the next 12 days goes quickly for you… keeping as busy as you can is really key to getting through it.

    Take care


    Hi Cazza
    It can be hard but is needed. Maybe they will change you to another diet but look positively ahead. Ring Loxwood next week. Take care xx


    I’ll be honest I had the oxo about three days. I couldn’t stand it. I didn’t have any problems. – Not saying you should do that mind…get advice.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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