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Had surgery but unable to do bypass

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    hi all , as promised my update, had my surgery on Wednesday, unfortunately due to unforeseen problem it was not safe to carry on with my bypass, it was discovered i have Situs inversus totalis, a complete reversal of all my origins and heart, Mr Tim John did my surgery, my emotions are all over the place at the mo to say the least, saw Guy Slater yesterday, feel reassured that it is possible for me to have bypass, so back to waiting game for me . one thing i would like to say is the staff were fantastic , i felt the right decision was made and fingers crossed i will join you on the losers bench.

    Ms Ellie

    Good morning Ann I am so very sorry that Tim John was unable to carry out your bypass as planned, I can’t imagine how you must be feeling right now. On a positive note mr Tim John for whatever the reason felt he could not go ahead with the bypass with your health and well being in mind and to me that counts for a lot in my book!

    Ok you’ve seen mr slater and he’s has assured you that bypass can go ahead that’s great news for sure, you may have to wait a while but at least the decisions made were for your benefit.

    Ann if you need any support please feel free to pm at any time.

    Good luck much love Ellie xxxx


    thanks Ellie.. fingers crossed after looking through my notes mr sommers and mr slater feel that they can do the bypass on me .


    @ANN410 15370 wrote:

    thanks Ellie.. fingers crossed after looking through my notes mr sommers and mr slater feel that they can do the bypass on me .

    and mr slater is the best! ok im biast lol x


    Hi Ann

    So sorry you didn’t get your bypass done.
    Now I feel even more guilty not getting in to see you on Wednesday or Thursday. Unfortunately my Dad was taken into hospital in Glasgow and I was sitting by the phone and getting a case organised in case I had to go up there.
    I know you will get your emotions back in check soon and you will have your surgery before too long.
    Take care and take it easy.
    If I can be of any help just call.


    Oh how frustrating but so much better to be safe. That must be quite unusual. You’re not an identical twin are you? The only other person I know with this is a ‘mirror’ twin so one has the organs on one side and one on the other so they are mirror images. I’m sure you will be glad in the end that they will do your op in full knowledge of what they are about to encounter. I’m surprised it has not be found before when listening to your heart even at the GP!


    Got my phone call today , shaw Somers is going to do my bypass or sleeve 3rd oct fingers toes crossed it gets done this time ,


    Thanks is great news – well done for sticking with it and your determination to getthis done. Just shows what great stuff you’re made of 🙂


    You have had more than your share of hurdles and upsets….. so now were looking for business…..
    So glad you have perservered and progressed…

    All good things… and all that.

    Pleased you have a date and praying something comes to enlighten you lol…

    All the best, I am really pleased for you…..

    buzz x


    Thank you buzz and pink dancer , x

    ruby tuesday

    Just read your news, so glad this is finally going to be possible for you, and wish you all the very best. xx


    Well done, Glad you got the result you wanted. Hope it all goes well for you. Mine is the 22nd Sept. It seems such a long time since we met at the assesment in Chichester.


    Not long before you start your milk diet , it was not to bad , I only had to do 7 days so hopefully i will only have to do 7 this time round , good luck with your op in September x x


    Brilliant news Ann. Well done you for never giving up. It shows how determined you are which will influence your success in a majorly positive way

    Doodah x


    great ending to this part of the journey and looking forward to you starting the next part 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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