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    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for a support group near to Guildford or Woking in Surrey?
    Can’t seem to find one, unless of course, you know otherwise?????

    If anyone knows of a nearby meeting, please let me know.



    I’d like one in the Bracknell area which isn’t on either a Friday or a Saturday. It’s a tall ask and just know it’s not going to happen 🙁


    Why not start your own Hazel? It’s so easy to do. Then you will have the days/times suited to you x

    Doodah x


    Mate, I don’t have much time for myself as it is let alone doing something like that! I’ve just been to the dr’s to see if they can find out why I’m on mission self destruct and why I have NO sex drive and NO get up and go for life. Filled out a questionair that showed I wasn’t really depressed and she told me to go phone talking therapies. Like having someone tell me what I should and shouldn’t be eating will help. I just want to feel like a woman again and feel like life is the best thing ever. Not to be constantly wanting food all the time and having to deny myself it all day only to have my feeding frenzy at night. Yes, I’ve tried the 3 meals a day idea but that just makes it worse as I still eat huge amounts in the evening. Might as well not have breakfast and lunch to save out on a few calories lol Where’s the coffee???


    Hazel, I’m so genuinly sorry you are having such a hard time mate. Firstly, how can filling out a ruddy questionare show you are not depressed. Everyone who has ever had it knows we always say ‘I’m fine thank you’ whenever we are asked how we are!!! Have to say though, talking therapies sorted me out. It took three years and I had to be ‘selfish’ and allow myself the hour and a half a week to do something for myself but everything clicked into place. My problems were SO obvious – to everyone but ME!! I had group therapy so it came as a real shock that they could all see it and I couldn’t (it was the same for them.)

    Your profile pic speaks volumes to me: beautiful, sunny, smiley face yet you say you feel none of that inside. You look too young for it to be hormonal (menopause) but if it were me, I’d ask for everything to be checked thoroughly. It’s not right for you to feel like this. Maybe even some sort of pharmaceutical intervention might help? I hopoe they can come up with some answers. You deserve to be happy – doesn’t everyone?!

    Doodah x


    I asked about the “change” but as I’m on depot (12 weekly jab for contriception) she said that it wouldn’t be possible to do the blood tests as the depot masks the results. I couldn’t say when my mum went through it as she was on the pill till she was 52 before asking the dr if she should still be on it! One period later and she’d gone throught the change. My sisters can’t help either as my eldest sis had breast cancer 12 years ago and the pills she had to take put her through it and my other sis had to have a hysterectomy. I really don’t know where my eating problems came from. I was on my first diet at aged 5. I had a great family relationship and so can’t say it was through childhood trauma. My dad is a big man and so I obviously get most of my build from him. Yes I was the freak at school but by that time I was already big so can’t really blame that either. Over the years my self esteme has gone through the floor due to my weight but again, that wasn’t the main cause of the over eating other than I love food.

    One could think up a plethera of excuses as to why we are like we are and it’s a taboo to mention the word genetics in general but I do believe that if you are predisposed to having the curse then it makes our lives that much harder to lose and keep the weight off. Doesn’t mean it’s impossible but it’s just another wall that’s in our way. I went through the councilling before I had the band and as I’ve said before, I didn’t find it helped at all. It seemed that unless you were abused as a child or in an abusive relationship they didn’t really know what to do for you. I know exactly what I am doing wrong and know exactly how to fix it but knowing and doing are totally different from actioning it. The evenings are my dreadful time and if someone could knock me out from about 6pm until the morning all would be fine.

    So, I’ll dig out the number for talking therapies I guess and try and give that a go. My trouble is, I’m the kind of person who likes to think she knows everything to do with this weightloss stuff and finds it very difficult to accept help or advise. The wall goes up straight away. Perhaps it’s because they start to spout off what foods I should and shouldn’t be eating – derrrrr, it’s not ignorance that’s the problem!!!

    Right, got to go clean my cafe now so that will take my mind off food for a while. lol


    I think I would have kicked my therapist up the arse if she’d tried to give me bloody diet advice!! There is virtually nothing edible I don’t know the nurtitional value of lol!

    I know EXACTLY where you are coming from about that wall. We are often our own worst enemies aren’t we – putting up barriers to keep us ‘safe’. Trouble is that barrier can sometimes block people who can actually help us…if we allow them.

    I bet your cafe will be like a lighthouse it’ll be so clean!! Light bouncing off all those shiny clean surfaces haha!

    Doodah xx

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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