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getting worried nearly 2yrs post op……..

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    im gonna be 2yrs post op in febuary and am starting to get worried as im able to eat alot more than i could the first year i can also eat some naughty stuff to my weight is staying the same week after week ive lost 16st to date but i want to know is there a way i can train myself to go bak to how i was after bypass??? maybe train the bypass to go smaller again???


    Hi Pompey Gal

    I’m in the same position, I’m two year post bypass in March and I find I am able to eat more and, as you said, some naughty stuff too. This, I think, is when the hard work starts, this is when we have to take control and make sure we eat sensibly and healthily so we don’t undo all the good work done by the surgeons but, the good news is, despite years, pre op, of trying to lose weight and failing, the gastric bypass is no long our will power it’s now our helping hand to help us lose the weight after a slip wither getting obsessed about it, using the information we got from the dietician and putting it to good use. Most of all, don’t worry about it, we now control what we eat not the other way round.

    |Keep well and relax.



    arh thank u lesley for the reply i feel a bit better now tomoz im on a misssion to get healthy eating again and goin bak to the gym as ive slipt and i stopped swimming so gunna start up again…….i need to seriously sort myself out bak on the straight and narrow and like ya say remember wat the dietician said to us 🙂 im gunna buy carole cooks return to slender books to do some home cookin to make it a bit intresting and experiment new foods ie salmon and fish dishes as the only thing fish i hav is fish fingers lol not good but im gunna try my hardest to get bak on track as i dnt wanna be a failure and undo the life line ive been given by the wonderful people of st richards.

    thanks again x



    It has been said that at times like this, going back on the pre op milk diet can help re-train the bypass. don’t know if it really works but if it does it might well be worth doing for a week or two.



    I can only tell you what I do personally but being stable weight-wise for 3 years tells me it works for me!

    If I feel I need to re-train myself, I go back onto soup. I eat soup for a week…very, very slowly. It has always worked for me and is a lot healthier than the milk diet which is only adviseable for a short while under supervision really. I know many people swear by it so it must be ok. It’s just that i promised myself I would only ever have to do it once lol!

    Anyway, new year, new start and all that. We could all do with getting healthier I suspect after two weeks of eating Christmas food and drinking the odd glass or two!!

    Don’t beat yourself up over it though. It’s what ‘normal’ people do every year and they never, ever feel guilty about it.

    Doodah x


    You can try googling the 5 day pouch test. It really does nothing to “test” your pouch but literally is just 5 days to help reset your eating habits and have a little reminder of what you are meant to be doing. 2 days liquids like high protein soups, 1 day soft proteins like cottage cheese and mince, 1 day firm protein like fish and on the final day solid protein like chicken, lean beef etc. You then continue to eat like day 5 from then on but of course make sure you are getting your fruit and veg and some carbs too. It’s only recommended for people 6 month post op and onwards so 2 years down the line it might be worth trying. It doesn’t do anything as such, like I say just takes you back to basics and it’s only 5 days and your on the right path again. I’m hoping when I get to that stage that it’s easier to get back on it if you slip up because you do still have your tool, even if it isn’t as sharp as it was in the beginning it’s still there. Don’t think I could ever do the milk diet again. I still can only drink soy milk after that lol. Good luck 🙂 x


    I actually think any sort of ‘diet’ would work for five days. They make us very, very mindful of what we are putting into our bodies and how we eat. I’s almost always about portion control, eating slowly and drinking enough water. I do it with soup as I can control what consistency it is (it’s almost stew by day five) and know 100% what’s in it (I make my own or my sister does it for me – lovely little sister) so that I can even control fat, sugar and salt.

    Therein lies the word I think – control. We have to learn to take it back again. Life is so hectic that when we have reached our personal goal, it can be really easy to forget to be vigilant. We aren’t morbidly obese any more so it can sometimes feel that watching what we eat isn’t so important. I personally think it is MORE important.

    I don’t count calories, I just watch portion size, eat slowly and regularly throughout the day and drink more water. It works for me. But, that is me. I’m not for one minute saying that it should/would work for you but it sort of makes sense.

    Anyway, if any of you are struggling it might be worth trying the five day pouch test or the milk diet or even what I do and just go back to basics. Whatevver you decide, be assured that we are all here to help you 😉

    Doodah x


    I like Lesley are nearly two years post op ( I had my op the day after her and was in St Richards with her), I am now 11 stones lighter and yes I do eat more now than what I did two years ago and yes I can have the odd naughty thing. I put on 5lbs over the Christmas period which for me is quite good because before the op that would have been anything up to a stone. I attend Weight Watchers every week (I am a helper at my local group), and they are my support group and have been with me all the way. I got weighed on the 2nd of Jan and found out I had put on the 5lbs and when I got home out came my scales, my cook books and I started to write everything down an count my points. I lost a pound and half last week so I am back on track and back in control and I will continue to do this until that 5lb is off plus a little more as I would like to lose another stone this year and then I will be happy. I am back swimming and at the gym and I feel better again. There is no way that weight is going back on and come March this year I start to push to have my loose skin off my tummy removed, not worried about anywhere else, as my doctor keeps telling me I am “normal” now with my weight going up and down by a few pounds.
    Elaine xx


    Get a lot of synergy with all this but am only 4 months in and devastated.

    I don’t dump, can eat chocolates – too many over Xmas, and can drink smooth bitter, am v worried

    I know that having 1300-1400 cals a day still is way under my 3000+ level to maintain and I will still lose a stone a month for a couple of months, but am terrified of the future having paid all this money out.

    It is a horrible addiction and not sure where to turn.



    @londonmag 27226 wrote:

    Get a lot of synergy with all this but am only 4 months in and devastated.

    I don’t dump, can eat chocolates – too many over Xmas, and can drink smooth bitter, am v worried

    I know that having 1300-1400 cals a day still is way under my 3000+ level to maintain and I will still lose a stone a month for a couple of months, but am terrified of the future having paid all this money out.

    It is a horrible addiction and not sure where to turn.


    If you are terrified of the future already then may I suggest you seek therapy or counselling NOW? I have just posted in another thread about how wonderful children and animals are in that they live totally in the moment: neither worrying about the past or future. If only we could all remain like that forever. However, we don’t. This is why I knew I needed lots of therapy before I even considered having wls. It taught me that even though I worry about things, most of them are beyond my control. The ones I can contol deserve my attention. One of them being what I eat.

    You have rationalised the calorie intake/output exceedingly well so all you need is some help to make you understand why you don’t always put it into practice. I liken it to learning to drive. We learn to pass the test: the learning to drive comes afterwards with experience.

    if you are the type of person who likes to think ahead, then try to make your thoughts positive ones. Don’t let the negative ones rule both how you feel and respond. This is what therapy does. It is another tool we can use to rid us of our negativity regarding food and our relationship with it. You are 100% right that it is an addiction. we have all been there. It is a war which can be won, even if we lose the odd battle along the way.

    Ask your GP to refer you for some therapy and counselling NOW – before the trouble you foresee happening (It might never even begin) starts. Be prepared and cover every eventuality but do NOT let it rule your life like it has up until now. You are very newly post op so might still be in the last throws of your old, negative mind-set. You may become more and more positive as you see the weight come off. In fact, it is one of the very surprising side effects of wls – you become a lighter person both in mind and body.

    Whatever you do though, never think you are alone. We are all here for you and totally understand what you are thinking and feeling.
    Doodah x


    Thanks doodah x really appreciate it !

    On the plus (big big one) I can now get weighed at home!!! 149.8 kg, so from pre op weight 196 and personal max 202, arguably down 52kg or 7st 12 or so.

    Means I do have time to get my head round it!

    Any tips on getting docs to sign off on counselling…..


    If you feel therapy or counselling would help then just go to your GP and ask for it. You may have to wait months if you live in a heavily populated area but it is worth putting your name forward as soon as you can. I got mine pretty quickly despite living in a busy City. However, I was 26+ stone, very poorly and in a bad way psychologically at the time.

    I had three years of group therapy. It was absolutely critical to my success in life at almost everything from then on. I learned how to rationalise things, see myself as others see me and find out why I think the way I do. The most important thing though, was learning why I used food to fill a hole in my soul that was a never-ending bottomless pit that nothing tangible could ever fill.

    I have deeply-seated abandonment issues due to experiences in my childhood I had buried deep inside. I used food to try to plug the hole so that it wouldn’t escape. All I was doing was putting a plaster over a toxic, bubbling wound. I learned that in order for it to heal, I had to let all the poison out and allow it to heal from the inside out. Quite simple when you think about it! However, when we are in the centre of our own misery and frustration, we don’t see it. Group therapy is like having a mirror held up for you in which to truly see your own reflection for the first time. I would recommend it to anyone who feels ‘lost’ in this world.

    Hope this helps and that you can find the strength you are looking for: it is to found in ourselves, if we just allow it the freedom it needs.

    Doodah x


    I am almost three years out and have gained a stone. but i am going to do what Doodah suggested with the soup for a week – Doodah, presume you mean soup at lunch & dinner right? u can pm me if easier.
    i can eat almost anything and most days can eat a decent size meal – not like my old size meals before the operation tho (THANK GOODNESS) but then somedays i can’t even manage a small amount of food. For example, i can normally manage a 2 egg omlete on a good day but the other night I made all the family their 4egg one with fillings and then my 2 egg one with just a bit of cheese in it. well i could only manage half of it. so go figure.

    anyways hope we all get sorted quick 🙂


    Hi Kim

    Yes I do mean eating only soup – just like the first week post bypass. It helps me to get all the nutrition I need, settle my stomach and regulate how much I consume. I make sure I vary the soup at each meal so that boredom doesn’t rear it’s ugly head and bring along his old pal head hunger for company!

    It helps me to focus on what I need not what I WANT again. I do it in really cold weather too as I find eating quite difficult when I’m frozen to the bone. I have been trying to eat meat again on Dr recommendation. had slow cooked lamb last night and spent two hours throwing up absolutely everything I ate all day. I have to face the fact that meat and I will not see eye to eye and my GP will have to lump it!

    You have my phone number don’t you Kim? You can always call me honey. If you don’t still have it, let me know and I will give it to you again. In the meantime, please remember how far you have come and what an inspiration you have been to so many people: being a case study at Streamline seminars has proven that! A stone against what you have lost is a blip. We have to accept that there will always be the danger of a slight regain. We can either learn to live with it and be ruddy pleased with ourselves with what we have achieved, or set on the path we know works again and put it ‘right’.

    Fantastic to hear from you Kim.

    Love Doodah x

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