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    I had my band fitted 2 days ago and have experienced the same problem. I have found that after taking the prescribed painkillers, my body tends to relax more and I am able yo get in at least a few hrs sleep or rest at a time. I’m on 500mg dissolvable paracetomal tablets



    Thank you so much for your replies. I’d hit an all time low this morning after yet another sleepless and very uncomfortable night. Thanks to your very helpful, supportive replies I now feel much better. All of a sudden I’ve been burping and belching like a trouper today so hopefully all my trapped wind has now decided to start dispursing at long last. Thank you for lifting my spirits and empathising so perfectly. Good luck to all of you too, it’s great to have you alongside me – all in the same boat. Love Gill x


    :Cry:i had my band fitted by shaw somers april 12th.for the past week i have had tightness accross the left side of my chest,and a feeling of not being able to breath,have been to a&e 3 times and told cardiac wise all ok but still it continues went to chichester and saw mr pring whom said it wasnt the band but cardiac without doing xrays a and e say its the the meantime still unwell full of wind with a tightness over my chest stlll..any ideas guys..what are the signsof band intolerence slippage etc,desperate to see shaw but no appts till nxt thurs…please help me

    Sally Bailey

    Hi Lisa

    When did you see Mr Pring? I think you should phone St Richard’s and ask to speak to someone now. Or see your GP.

    Please let us know how you get on. Try not to panic though, it could be easily solved.

    Sally x


    hi sally,saw mr pring yesterday,very noncomittal and wouldnt do any tests as im shaws patient…aaargh..he said it was cardiac so went to a and e for the 3rd time to be told cardiac fine its the band!very frustrating.feel breathless and feel like a round balloon that needs to pop

    Sally Bailey

    Hi again Lisa.
    Maybe you should call St Richard’s again and tell them what A&E said. Then make an appointment to see your GP. Pain shouldn’t be ignored. A GP will know all your other medical details. It could just be trapped wind which can be very painful indeed.


    Hi Lisa,

    Sorry to hear your not quite right.
    Not sure how much help I can be without the experience of having a band myself, but your body will tell you if something is not right.
    Being checked by the cardiac team and nothing showing their makes me think its not necesarily cardiac, they specialise in finding heart conditions with the equipment they use ans it is ususlly very very thorough. A lot can be determined with blood works…

    So to finding a solutionand answers, be persistant in being seen.

    As I said you body if not you head knows when something is not quite right….

    Take Care but try not to worry unecesarily ( as hard as it might be )
    Be calm but persistant to find answers by whatever means possible….

    Buzz xx


    i was still undecided about my band when they put the venflon in in the operating theatre!its a huge decision,had loads of guilt issues thinking i could leave my 3 kids whilst i went for what my partner called a cosmetic op,a month on i have lost 12 lbs,ive had no sickness the weight loss is slower than with the bypass but to me seemed much less drastic. good luck with your decision i have no regrets,lisaxxx


    Hi Betty, I went through all the same concerns and it’s good that you aren’t taking this lightly as it’s a life changing decision. I only 3 months post-op and nearly 4 stone lighter so for me it has been a very positive experience so far but I won’t pretend it’s been easy – I now consider myself dieting with help for life! For me it was a case of accepting if I didn’t have the op then i would be fat and unhealthy for the rest of my life and I wasn’t prepared to let that happen. Good luck with your decision, you’ve been incredibly brave to get this far.


    Hi guys,

    I just got the lap band on two days ago. Still in pain from the whole surgery, but i’m doing a lot better. I’m just concerned about the surgery in general. I really want it to be successful. I realize that i’m only 17, which is pretty young, but i’d still like to know if any of you have any tips or have made mistakes that you’ve learned from, please share?

    Ms Ellie

    Hi there Maia welcome, surgery 2days ago I’m not surprised you still are little sore, our friend gill hopefully will be along she’s a bander and I’m sure she will give you some encouraging advice.

    good luck Ellie xxxx

    ruby tuesday

    Hi Maiah, nice to hear from you. Where did you have your op? Do you have much to loose? I guess you are still at school, so I hope the time off is not disrupting any exams? Can I ask how you decided on surgery – do you know someone who has had it? I just wondered because I don’t know people your age who have even heard about gastric surgery options! Hope the pain soon goes and you are up and about, thinking of you. xx


    Hi Maiah

    Love your name! Hope the pain is easing off a bit. I’m not a bandster but know lots of people who are. I think they would say that the main thing to help you lose your weight is to stick to the guidelines. The band is a tool – you still have to work at it. Your youth will definitely be a bonus as you will not have had years and years of previous behaviour to overcome, plus your body will heal really quickly. You will be slimmer and healthier in no time at all if you just put your mind to it and are determined to make the necessary changes.

    Good luck and keep in touch

    Doodah x


    Hi people let me know what to except for the first few weeks after having the band fitted. Heard some horror stories and now more nervous. Thanks


    Horror stories – never! Mine went well, was sleepy and rough for 2 days, a bit sore for about 2 weeks but back to work fine after one. So no horror story from me. What are you worried about in particular?

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 64 total)
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