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    Mine was gradual liquid/soup for week1, sloppy for week 2 and then gradually moving to solid for weeks 3 and 4 and all went fine for me.
    now i’m week 6 and could eat any food I want to!


    Hi I was lucky to find this site 2 days ago and have found it an amazing place to get real information. I am 36 and live in Australia.
    I have my first appointment tomorrow for lap band. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what to expect please. It has taken me two years to mentally prepare myself to get this far.


    Hi there Ktea. I didn’t have the band but the bypass. Hope a ‘bandster’ will pick up on it later! My friend has just had one (9march) and has lost almost 3st already even before a bandfill! He was up and about feeling fine within a day and is now a regular at the gym. He eats out, works and is happier than he has been for absolutely years. No pain and minimal scarring. He says it’s the best thing he ever did. My only advice? Make sure you are getting the right operation for YOU. Be 100% honest about your eating habits so that the surgeon can help you make the right choice. Good luck x


    Thank you for replying, I will take your advice and will be honest with doc. Thanks again


    You are more than welcome. Hope everything goes ok xx

    chubby girl


    I had the band for 5 years and lost 5.5 stone in the first 15 months. There are good things and bad things about all different surgeries so I would just advise you to speak to as many people who have had the band as possible and get them to be totally honest about how they found it. Each one will have a different story as the band works so differently for each person ie one can eat something, one cant !! I wish you really good luck. Im on day one of the milk diet in prep for my bypass next week. Its taken me 18 months to get in the right place in my head for this. I hope it all works out for you xxxxxx


    Chubby girl, I think your experience just goes to show that you have to be completely aware of what your individual needs are before making a decision about which op to go for. I went to see Mr Somers with a view to getting a band but it quickly became apparant that it would not work for me. Mr Somers made the right call by suggesting the bypass for me. I have lost 14.5 stones and couldn’t be happier with how it has worked for me.

    chubby girl

    Doodah I absolutely agree. Take advice from the experts – its all very well to read stuff in magazines and on the net and decide what you fancy but really we are all pretty clueless about whats best for our bodies and they are the experts!!! Its why Ive just spent a fortune travelling up and down the country seeing 3 top surgeons for their advice – thankfully they all said the same which put my mind to rest!!!!!!!!


    Hi Ktea. Welcome to the forum, it’s great to have someone join us from the other side of the world. I’m having my band fitted next Monday (11th April). I’m well prepared for it and have full confidence in the hospital team that have been looking after me for the past year. By the time you reach the point I’m at now, you are very well informed and used to eating a sensibly balanced diet. I do feel somewhat nervous but also excited at finally reaching this point. Sometimes it has felt like I’m never going to get here but you just have to persevere and do what the doc says. It’s been alot of hard work, not to mention the liver shrinking diet I’m on at the moment which is very strict. Keep an eye on the forum next week, as soon as I’m feeling up to it I’ll let you all know how it all went for me. Goodluck, love Gill x


    Hi Ktea, and anyone else having a gastric (lap) band.
    Its been nearly 7 weeks since I had my band fitted and so far I have not regretted it at all. I started out weighing 13 stone 10 pounds and now I’m 12 stone 7 I’m only 5ft tall so I’m really pleased as that’s weight I would never have been able to lose on my own. In the first week my stomach felt a little incomfortable but not in considerable pain as some people can be, and I suffered with shoulder pain but that subsided after about 2 weeks. I felt quite tired and you have to listen to you body and rest.
    Restriction (the full feeling) didn’t last long only about a week because the swelling from the surgery helps to make you feel full, then as you heal inside you start to feel ‘unbanded’ and you want to eat more because you might be hungry. You have to follow your doctors advice though and stick to liquids then a sloppy diet as you will still be healing and you dont want to put on any weight lost from the milk diet (pre op liver shrinking diet). I also had a bad pain in between my shoulder blades for a few weeks but that went away after a while too. You will experience lots of these little niggles but they’re all normal. If ever I was unsure about anything I would ring up my bariatric nurse for advice.
    I had my first band fill last week under x ray, I had to swallow some barium meal then the doctor injected 3ml of saline into my port, it was painless, but restriction barely lasted a week and I’m booked in this week for a small top up. In the time I did have restriction, I had a few scary episodes where some food got lodged in my throat and I brought up some slime. ( gross I know!) But thats because I keep forgetting to eat slowly and chew, chew, chew.
    Well anyway I hope I’ve been a bit helpful.
    feltig xx


    Hi Feltig
    was great to read your post, it covers lots of things that i keep wondering about, i am a bit similar to you, 5 ft nothing and 13 st was a bit more but i have booked my appointment with mr somers this thursday 7th for my first consultation, and ever since i have booked it my stomach keeps going over at the thought of what i am plaining to do!! hence lost a few pound with the worry. i am hoping that a band is also the way forward for me, did you also have to do the milk diet how long for? you have done really well with your weight loss already so well done, and i will keep in my mind chew, chew, and chew a bit more!!!


    Hi mord63 (kim),
    My initial consultation was also with Mr Somers, he’s really nice and he will put yor mind at ease.
    I did the milk diet/low carb diet for only 6 days as I didnt want to wait too long to have my op, so when an opening came up 6 days later with Guy Slater I took it.( To have Mr Somers was £1,000 more anyway.) The milk diet gave me a stomach ache and a bit of constipation and diarrhea so my bariatric nurse advised me to switch to the low carb/low cal diet for the remaining 3 days which cured the problems.
    I could’nt wait to have my op done I was really excited but 3 days later I got really emotional and wondererd what the hell I’d done to myself but that feeling went the next day thank goodness!
    Anyway feel free to ask anything else


    Hello everyone. I had my band fitted Monday, 3 days ago. I have been having alot of trouble trying to get a decent nights sleep as I get extremely uncomfortable in my stomach and my back, to the point that if I lie there any longer I know I am going to be in pain. So I get up and walk around, doze on the chair in the lounge for a couple of hours, go back to bed for another attempt and so on, so on all night long. I’ve tried propping myself up with loads of pillows with a rolled up duvet under my knees to lying with just a couple of pillows and I am now desperate for sleep. Has anyone else had these sleep problems after having their band fitted. I know I would feel alot bettr if I weren’t so very tired.

    sonia kidman

    Hi Gilib

    I had a bypass done three weeks ago and I have to say for the first week I was the same all I can say is if you can just sleep when you can.

    I also had the back pain but it does go.I also used the pillows to prop myself up but could just never get comfable.
    Good luck and also my doctor gave me some painkillers to help maybe you could get in touch with your doctor.
    Good Luck and let me know how you get on.


    Hi Gillbm

    Yes I had a lot of pain too but it does disappear over the next two weeks – something to do with them inflating your stomach during the op (someone hopefully will come along with a better description). Hurt like hell but it did die down eventually, your body needs time to recover – keep topped up on painkillers and speak to your hospital if in doubt.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 64 total)
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