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    Fluffy girl

    Hi all,
    Today i have taken the massive step and gona to the doctor and admitted that i need help, im morbiedly obese and now the weight is beginning to take its toll on my body, pain in the joints braethlessness etc…
    The doctor was extremely sympathetic and thorough in explaining my options. I explained that i wanted a gastric band as i am 25 with a BMI of 44 and a detailed family history of diabetes, heart disese and cancer.
    He has provided me with slimming tablets i believed called oxistatin known on the market as Alli, because before he can refer me i have to prove that i cant loose weight without medical intervention.
    What did you all do at this stage? Did you take the pills or did you have in your head that a gastric band was the answer to your obesity.
    Once you pass this stage with the diet pills what happens next ?
    what is the criteria to get funding in the Croydon area?
    Please all you feedback and advice would be greatly appreciated


    HI Fluffy Girl
    Welcome to the forum. Oristat is a medication that expels fat from food out of your body. It can be unpleasant at times and give you wind also. But they do work as you will not want to eat fatty foods whilst on them as the loose stools will put you off if nothing else. I would certainly give them a try in collaboration witha calorie controlled diet also. You need to go back to your GP monthly for weighing and more prescriptns to ensure you are fulfilling the PCT criteria . I would ask your GP for a copy of the criteria for Croydon but also Stacey from Streamline on forum maybe able to assist you.
    If I can be of any help please say :welcome:

    Good for you asking for help it is the first step to a better life for yourself x

    Fluffy girl

    Hi Brains
    Thanx for the quick response and warm welcome x
    Im deffo gonna take those tablets iv got nothing to loose except weight lol. My GP has warned me off all the perils of theses tablets but i have to try them.
    One thing my GP failed to mention is that i have to attend monthly to be weighed he just told me to return in three months. Did u manage to loose the 5% of your body weight, and what happend after that ?
    Also you said that Stacey could have information on the funding criteria of Croydon pct, how do i get into contact with Stacey im new to this site and i dont know my way around it x


    Hi Everyone I was just wondering as a rough guide how long I can expect to stay in hospital when having a Band? I was under the impression its a 1 day thing?




    Hi Kirsty, you would be looking at a one night stay in hospital.


    Hi Kirsty,

    I had my band fitted 4 weeks ago and i was in and out the same day



    Hi All,

    My name is Betty and I am 34 years old with 2 children. I have been over weight for over 20 years of my life and have yo yo dieted for as long as I can remember. I am 5′ 2 and weight 13.8 stone. My BMI is 35. I decided to have a gastric band as I just do not want my weight to creep up any more as I clearly cannot stick to any diet for longer than a month or so.

    When I first decided on the gastric band, I was so positive and excited and my husband has been so supportive of whatever I decide. However, as the time goes by I seem to constantly chop and change my mind like the wind. I keep reading really positive reports on the band and feel positive myself and then all it takes is one negative comment and I am definitely not having the band.

    I have met with Guy Slater who is due to do my op on 15th March but I need to make absolutely sure that this is the right op for me. I am very very vomit phobic and will do everything in my power not to be sick – is that possible??? I am very nervous about not being able to eat certain foods for the rest of my life (not just unhealthy but I know someone who has a band and cant keep strawberries down cut up or mashed?). I am also very nervous about complications eg slippage etc. But mostly I am nervous to spend this amount of money and find I am extremely miserable and/or it does not work.

    How can I possibly make up my mind??? Is it normal for everyone to have all these concerns and how did you all deal with them and make your decision? I only have a couple of days to give my final answer as I dont want to hold an operation date if I do not use it.

    Help please…..



    Hi Betty,

    I’m sorry you are having problems deciding what to do but I’m sure you will get some great advice from the wonderful people on this forum. Yesterday I was at the Harrow Health Centre to see Guy Slater about a gastric bypass, I have known for well over a year that this is what I need/want but it is a big decision and you need to be sure in your own mind it’s right for you.

    Good luck with whatever you decide and let us know.

    Take care.
    glitterfy0153523T838D31.gif X


    Hi Betty, sorry to hear about your confusion, having any type of GBS is something to consider for the long term weight loss and healthier existance.
    During your review the surgeons should have suggested what better suits your eating habbits, bands suit some but not others.
    They know best, but I expect as you are paying private they are leaving the decision in your hands, both operations will give results so you need to ask yourself just how in control can I be…
    Bands can reversed should you ever decide to remove it, from my knowledge on here you need to have more will power with a band and some go onto have a bypass later on. Their can be quite a few visits for fills etc to get the tightness right.
    Nobody can promise you you wont be sick, but expect it to be less likely with the band as it is more a restriction than a full bypass where the pouch rejects food by frothing or being sick…

    A bypass is more permenant but for some of us more necessary as we might not have the will power to diet with a band. Bandsters can cheat more I believe just by making things slide through the restriction….

    Bypassers can become a little intolerant or more sensative to certain foods, it really is a lottery with each individual and one day can be different from another. please dont let that put you of, many of us go onto enjoy all the foods we did in the pasbut the process itself makes it easier to make healthier choices (most of the time). Cutting the nerve that tells your brain you are hungry is amazing… imagine never feeling actually hungry ( just sometime head hunger…. emotional eating etc)

    Either way you go Betty their will be some minor ailments throughout your recovery but the benefits far outweigh the frothing or sickness….

    As i have said many times I wish I could show you your future in a crystal ball…. it is for me an amazing adventure, the best decision I ever made..

    pros and cons…. either options would give you results, just need to hear and read some of the stories…. try to get to a local support group if you can, take hubby too…. their is a lot of support out here before and after any procedure…were all living our lives and wanting to share our adventure…

    not sure that helps and look forward to some others replying soon

    Andy ( Buzz ) currentley in Hong Kong working…. andeating too much lol 🙂

    good luck


    oOh and yes it is VERY NORMAL lol….
    I left it in the surgeons hands, they know best, we just need to adhere to so rules and hey presto….


    Buzz xx


    Hi to everyone out there, looking for help and advise on bands I am just trying to arrange for my first appointment, it was a band that I wanted, have read lots lots of reports good and bad, I know I have to work with the band that it is not going to make me lose weight just by having it, my bmi is 36 could any one give me some feed back or tell me about their journey with a band or anything else you feel I should know before I go for my first consultation thanks


    Hi Mord

    I am 16 months post op with a band and have lost over 8 stone.

    The band isn’t suitable for everyone and you will HAVE to be COMPLETELY honest about your eating habits when you have your initial consultation, the surgeon will then recommend the most suitable type of surgery for you.

    If you are a volume eater, like I was and don’t really have much of a sweet tooth, then the band is very likely to be suitable for you. But if sweet things, like chocolate are your vice, then it probably won’t be as most people can still eat as much chocolate as they like with a band as it melts and just slips through.

    I am able to eat most foods (well healthy foods) but I do struggle with most red meat, although luckily I can still manage bacon, but I cannot eat bread, pasta, tomato skins, lettuce (unless it’s REALLY crispy) and anything particularly stringy like celery and asparagus. But I can eat chicken, fish, rice, most vegetables, potatoes (no skin) and plenty of other things, just in much much smaller quantities.

    Am I happy? You betcha!
    Would I do it again? In a heartbeat!

    Best of luck with your appointment and good luck on your journey.

    Take care


    Hi Mord. Welcome to the forum. I’m having my band fitted in 2 weeks time on 11 April, I start my liver shrinking diet on Monday. There is alot of hard work to do before you actually have your band fitted by way of changing your eating habits to very healthy foods/eating patterns and losing at least 10% of your body weight. I had to lose 2 stone however I am very committed and have now lost 3 and a half stone. You also have to deal with people’s comments who have never had a weight problem where they have yo-yo’d at 5 – 6 stone at a time, who make comments like, “Why do you need a band as you have proved you can lose the weight?” I patiently explain to them that I have lost many stones on many occasions before but I always put the weight back on – and more. The band is going to help me to keep the weight off for good. I am nervous about the op however I am also very excited that this time I will not only get slim and healthy but I will stay slim and healthy. I’m sure you will find this forum very friendly and very helpful, the people on this forum are all in the same boat and REALLY DO understand. Goodluck with your consultation – please keep us posted. Love Gill


    Hi claire
    thank you for that info, how wonderful for you 8 stone, i am a bit of a sweet tooth person so i will see what the consultation brings for me, glad to hear you would do it again great to hear from people that have had it done thanks again kim x


    could anyone tell me after having a band fitted how long before you get back to being able to eat regular soild food, even though i know it is small amounts!! have been doing a lot of reading and some infomation says it will be around week 7 after having band fitted, could anyone give me a rough idea of eating stages after a band, it so much better to hear from people that have had it done thanks

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 64 total)
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