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Gastric reflux

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    ruby tuesday

    Another question! I take Omeprazole for gastric reflux and was told the bypass (waiting for date) would stop the problem. Has anyone had this pre-op and found it has gone?


    hi ruby
    i used to get heartburn terrible and when bending over to do things it used to burn the back of my throat 🙁
    very pleased to say i no longer get it. im very bad with my omeprazole too but its gone. hope that helps x

    ruby tuesday

    Bless you for the quick answer, so glad you no longer get the heartburn. I have been trying to wean myself off Omeprazole because by the end of the day I am uncomfortably full of wind and Mr Summers did say that was likely to be the cause, but it does sound like everyone gets wind after the bypass too, sigh! best wishes, Ruby


    Mr Somers took me off omeprazole and replaced it with something else …azole sorry they’re downstairs I’m in bed! Anyway the chewable red ones everyone takes in hospital and my gp has changed my prescription to them permanently. Elaine George said ‘we don’t like capsules’ I assume they expand inside the small stomach? My anti-inflammatories are capsules but I’m emptying them into water. Hope this helps!

    Sally Bailey

    Hi Ruby

    I used to glug Gaviscon like it was going out of style before my bypass. I have had NO reflux since the day of my operation – NONE! I know others who have said the same. let’s hope it’s the same situation for you 😉

    Sally x


    Hi Ruby
    I was on esomeprazole pre op and usually took gavilast as well some eves if I had something that didn’t suit me.
    Immediately Post op I was given tablets that I sucked for reflux but within days they made me Ill so they stopped me taking them. I am now 9 weeks post op and not taking anything and feel fine x


    Hi Ruby

    I was the same as Sally, drinking gallons of gaviscon and taking tablets for gastric reflux before my bypass. Have had no problems with it since my op. would have had it done just for that as it was so painful at times!

    Doodah xx

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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