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Gastric Band Pain: FAQ

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    Not that I know, I was informed that it is from the gas they fill you up with!! If you are concerned the beat thing to do is ring the hospital as I can only advise on my own experience x


    Hello peeps,

    Anyone else with a band get really bad shoulder pain?

    Had a private band fitted about 5 years ago, no longer being followed up, and have had this over the last year coming more often and have no restriction. Lasts for about 4hours after it comes, hurts to breath and only thing I dont get it with now is food that doesnt sit above the band (obviously bad for weight loss, have gained most of what I lost).

    Not really sure whether to get a fill or not as a bit worried it will make it worse.



    Hi Lala

    I’m not a bandster so I can’t comment on anything to do with it. However, often wind gets trapped up in our shoulders which can cause tremendous pain. All I can recommend is to refer to your GP and try eating ‘thicker’ foods very very slowly to the point of spending half an hour eating at every meal. It’s tedious but it will help you to digest food more thoroughly. Eating too fast is a common cause of wind even if you haven’t had wls.

    I would definitely go to your GP though just to make sure it’s not anything to be concerned about. Hope that helps. Good luck.

    Doodah x


    I had that kind of pain after having the band in and then out again. I was told it was the build up of CO2 and so went for a full body massage and it cured it. Not sure if it’s normal to get the pain this long after surgery though so I’d def get on the phone and see if you can be seen by someone. Could be gallstones?


    Does anyone experience pain in the sol plexus area that goes right through to the back, the pain feel like hunger pangs but 20 times worse. I have been experiencing this issue on and off for a while, I never seem to know what causes it or how to deal with it. I would be interested to know if anyone else has experienced this problem and if so how have you dealt with it. By the way I was banded 16 months ago.


    Hi Tivvy,
    There is a chance it could be Gall bladder related pain, but as I am no expert it may be worth speaking to your GP, or at least call NHS Direct for more knowledgeable advice. You should not suffer pain in silence. It may be nothing, but seek advice from a health care proffesional.
    Regards, Tom.


    not sure where that area is but,
    i had gallstones and the pain was middle of chest and under right ribs. i had awful pain all up my back and even on the right side of my jaw.
    was shivery but dripping in sweat also. is that like what your experiencing? x


    I was given the medication they use for IBS to solve a similar pain. It only happens once in a blue moon but it’s the muscles in the pouch start cramping. It’s so painful it almost floored me (literally) last time (about a month ago) No warning and it goes in about 2 hrs. Strange….


    Hi All – thanks for all your replies on the advise of my bariatric nurse I’m going to have a total band defill, just in case it’s a slipped band.


    Hi again Tivvy

    SO glad you are getting it sorted. Please let us know how it goes.

    Doodah x


    Had a defill yesterday – despite having a 6.25ml fill in my band he was only able to find 5mls (what is that all about). Got some relief from the defill not totally though, The Dr has also put me on some Zoton Fastab 30mg in the hope that this will help with any inflammation. Bottom line is he thinks I might have a band slippage and the hope is that defiling it will entice it back into place. If not ‘I m up the creek without a paddle’, as I funded this op with my saving and I am now worrying about how I am going to fund any investigations/surgery if required.:scared::scared:


    I have the same fears Tivvy, I am due to be banded in 2 weeks and I only have the funds for the band and aftercare package, if anthing goes wrong I’m snookered too, I specifically asked about band slippage and I was told m surgeon has never had one slip due to the way he sews them in, I do hope I’m not the first! Keep us posted and I do wish you loads of luck.


    Thanks Nettie – will update with my progress. This whole issue is causing me a huge amount of anxiety which in turn is probably not helping the issue, I feel so scared at the moment.


    Hello guys,

    I’m suffering from pain below my coccyx, it started yesterday and is still there today, it feels bruised as if I’d fallen down the stairs but haven’t. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m wondering if it’s as a result of my time on the operating table but it certasinly wasn’t there until yesterday. Advice anyone?

    Nettie xx


    Hi Nettie,
    Never had that so it is a new one on me, could be trapped wind or as you said where you were on the op table but my advice is if it gets really bad over the weekend seek medical advice or wait until Monday and phone where you had the op and see what they say.
    Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, maybe someone on here might be help more.
    Take care.
    Elaine xx

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 33 total)
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