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Gastric Band Pain: FAQ

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    I had a gastric band 20 months ago but still have pain in the port area which although worse some days than others is always there to some degree. Does anyone else have this problem as I have not seen much in the way of posts on various wls forums other than shortly after the operation. I find it really uncomfortable and if i have to put up with it forever more i wold rather than have it removed.? My stomach also rumbles continuously and I recently suffered from an oesophageal spasm diagnosed by my G.P. as I thought I was on the verge of a heart attck at the time due to the pain between my shoulder blades being so bad that I could hardly breath and had a tingling up the sides of my neck and jaws. I took some Omaprazole for a few days and have not had that pain since. However the port pain /discomfort is quite annoying and bothers me the most.


    I also had port pain from the day my band was fitted until the day it was removed, and that area remains very tender almost a year later. My band was fitted at another hospital, but removed at St Richards. The problem with mine is the type of port and the way that it pulled my stomach muscles everytime I moved, it was too painful to exercise with, so not very practical for assisting with weight loss! I also had continuous stomach rumblings and dreadful bloating, as well as numerous other problems.

    With the problems and concerned you are having, perhaps you should have a chat with your surgeon? He might have some suggestions to help you.

    Good luck.


    Hi SJ, Thank you for replying. Could I ask how long you had your band for?. Also when you had it removed did you have another fitted and if so have you had any problems from the new one?. I find the pain worse some days than others and as well as pain it also itches over the area where it is placed. I have now lost just over 7 stone so it has been successful in helping me lose weight but it has become more prominent because of my weight loss which is probably normal. Think I will take your advice and go down to St Richards and see what they say. Thank you again.


    I had my band for 20 months. I did not have another band fitted. Whilst it was an option, I was not sure that I could face the risk of having more problems with it (I had a pretty dreadful time with my former hospital and their level of ‘care’). So have opted to have a bypass – took Mr Somers guidance on this really. I know a few people who have had 2nd bands, but I guess it comes down to individual circumstances. Whilst my port caused me pain, that was not the main reason I had the band out – I couldn’t eat solids and the band itself was painful everytime it was filled, I couldn’t bear the thought of continuing to bring up just about everything I tried to eat and drink (including water).

    The port will become more prominent with weight loss (btw 7 stone is amazing, well done).

    Good luck speaking with the team St Richards, I am sure they will have some suggestions to help you.


    Hi SJ & Pinkdiamond.
    I am 7 months post op and had pain from the port from day one also. Trying to get any support from the surgeon or his team was like banging my head against a wall.
    I am now waiting for a 2nd opinion as I was told to ‘stop prodding my belly’, ‘stick with it or have it removed’!.
    I had my op on NHS, what about you?
    There isn’t alot of info concerning this pain. I also have times where I can’t keep solids down and the last band fill was very painfull.
    Sleeping can be painful, if I lay on my right the port sticks out and you can see the shape of it under my skin.
    I have lost 19lbs in 7 months.
    I was more active before I had the band fitted as the pain is worse the more I move.


    Hi Carol,
    Thank you for your reply. I haven’t logged on for a while due to being on holiday and being busy. I had my operation privately as I was told I would never recieve PCT funding because I was not heavy enough!. I did expect to have to pay though and had considered the operation long before I had it so I saved up in preparation. I had my operation at Chichester and could not fault their service and care. It’s just this port pain, which incidentally has been more intermittent of late. However I also have difficulty lying on that side and cannot stand and pressure over the port. Still haven’t been back about it though. Well done on your 19lbs. Its not as easy as I thought it would be and has taken a lot of focus to get the weight off. Had a few hiccups of late but now re-focusing on getting this last 2 stone off over the next few months. Your right there’s not a lot of information on this problem as I have looked at other lapband forums as well. I too wonder what can possibly be done other than removal and I note that SJ who had hers removed and went onto having a bypass also still has port pain!!. Will let you know if I get any further information. Once again thank you for your reply.


    I was banded 5 days ago and I find when I turn over in bed at night I get an horrendous pain in my left side around the port site…it feels like a sharp stabbing or ripping? Is this usual or has anyone experienced this?

    I worried I maybe causing damage to the port by turning, bending over and moving about! Silly I know but wanted to check

    Sally Bailey

    Noramay, Please contact the hospital and speak to someone. Don’t suffer in silence. It shouldn’t be that painful.


    Hi Nora
    Sally’s right, get it checked out to be on the safe side. But, when I first had my band, it probably took around 10-14 days before I was really comfortable in bed again. What I did that helped was to wedge a pillow on either side of my hips so I couldn’t roll over in my sleep. Then, a few days later when I could sleep on my side, I put a pillow under my belly at the side to stop it pulling at the port.

    Hope this helps
    Take care


    Thanks for the advice I spoke to nurse yesterday and had a much better night last night!

    Sally Bailey

    Hi Noramay

    So pleased you got it sorted and that you are now sleeping more comfortably.

    Sally x


    HI after I was banded I also found it very uncomfortable for a few weeks after as the band port is by your ribs and it moves around about when you move also normally the key hole cut is slightly bigger where the port is I was also told that as you loose weight you may feel discomfort from time to time as you havent git the amount of fat around there & the muscle are adjusting. I hope this is of some help.



    Hi all

    I had my band a fitted a week ago. I’ve not been eating much but since thurs my appetite was back with a vengeance and I ate a lot then I got the most horrific pain in my left shoulder and have been vomiting quite severely, Im glugging loads of water as constantly thirtsty and now have pain on my lower left side when bending over or sitting. Do you think my band has slipped or broke as I’m constantly hungry now. Not sure what to do :0(
    C xox


    I expect it’s the reduction in swelling means you have less restriction!! I had the pain in my shoulder for about 4 weeks! I had my band fitted on the 7th feb and it still feels funny if I squish my tummy when bending, also I was told to only sip drinks and not glug them x


    Thanks for the reply. Yes I was told to sipbut in the middle of the night I glug as I forget and I’m constantly thirsty. Is the shoulder pain related to eating too much as I just don’t feel full


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 33 total)
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